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Freeman W. Cope
Freeman W. Cope (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: 1982)
Interests: Magnetic Resonance, Tachyons

Freeman Widener Cope

Cope was the author of an article called, A Medical Application of the Ling Association-Induction Hypothesis: The High Potassium, Low Sodium Diet of the Gerson Cancer Therapy. It was written in 1978 and published in the journal, Physiological Chemistry and Physics (Vol.10 No.5) which has an editorial college of scientists which peer reviews all articles submitted for publication...

My teacher, Freeman Cope, taught Raymond Damadian how to use magnetic resonance instruments in the laboratory. Together Cope and Damadian were the first researchers to get a potassium signal from a live bacteria culture. It was Raymond Damadian who went on, away from pure research, into practical research and development. He created the world's first magnetic imager. He has been awarded a Presidential Medal of Honor for science and discovery and is well known throughout the world now.

Without Freeman Widener Cope, who was my teacher, Damadian would never have learned how to use magnetic resonance equipment and would never have tried to measure potassium in the Dead Sea bacterium which he brought to their mutual studies. There would be no magnetic resonance imaging in the world at this time, had it not been for Freeman Widener Cope. Let me quote Dr. Damadian.

Had I never met Cope and been introduced to the NMR at his urging, I would never have had the NMR scanning idea. I comment on this to stress the imprint of the life of my dear friend on humanity and on science lest the enormity of his contributions pass unnoticed.

Also without Freeman Cope to educate me to help the Gerson Institute to communicate the nuts and bolts of current scientific implications of Gerson's clinical observations, and subsequently our own observations, we probably would have never gotten the interest of the British team which recently published in the Lancet, September 15, 1990, which is a top journal in the world, an article called, Juices, Coffee Enemas, and Cancer about this little hospital. - http://gerson-research.org/docs/HildenbrandGLG-1990-5/index.html