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Alfredo Bennun (Abstracts)
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  • The Arrow of Time and the Avoidance of Primordial Annihilation
    by Alfredo Bennun   read the paper:

    The predominance of matter over antimatter, leads to develop an alternative conjecture, which does not violate the primordial symmetry of particle-antiparticle pairs, resulting in annihilation.
    To be able to predict a phenomenon that could generate a greater number of particles over antiparticles, we resorted to a mechanism capable to transfer out of the system, the antimatter characteristics. The mass?s action law indicates that if a reactant or product escapes the reaction mixture, is left without any action over the equilibrium. For example, gas emission, precipitate formation, etc. Hence, if annihilation is not completed during inflation, the reactions in the quark-gluon plasma, would allow that the generated neutrinos and antineutrinos, would be able to elude annihilation and transfer the antimatter characteristics out of the system. It was assumed that neutrinos and antineutrinos becomes ?transparent? or escape at a greater decoupling temperature than: Td > > 1 MeV. The antineutrinos preserve the antimatter characteristics, because of the near null interaction with other particles. Therefore, becomes isolate from the matter system. Hence, there is not initial violation of CP symmetry (charge and reflect-on parity). The problems to detect neutrinos or antineutrinos, explain the non-observation of antimatter and the failure to be exposed to very large quantities of lethal gamma radiation, the product of annihilation. These leptons, along the cosmic chronology, remain without interaction and the reactions irreversibility become determinant of the time arrow.
    In a primordial open system, trough the separation of pathways, reactions could be thermodynamically structured to avoid conservation of symmetric interactions, and function to maintain the arrow of time.