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Don Savage
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Don Savage (Abstracts)
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  • The Tau Potential (1991) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    The paper explores the possibility that the behavior of angular momentum as described by Regge Trajectories and by the Brosche-Wesson Equation in the result of a new force. The Potential that produces this force is here called the Tau Potential. The purpose of the paper is to develop relationships involving this new force for use to extend the concepts of time dilation and motion.

  • A Fifth Force of Physics (1987) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Don Savage   read the paper:
    The Toth-Maatian Review is a quarterly publication of the Toth-Maatian Society under the aegis of the Toth-Maatian Press. It appears in April (#1), July, October, and January... The current editor-in-chief is Harold Willis Milnes, Ph.D. The publicity editor is John J. Durie...

    The Review is intended to be, primarily, a medium for publication of scholarly criticisms of outstanding endeavors in the arts, sciences, medicine, law, and business. The word criticism is used here in the true sense, as the evaluation of the ideas, theories and thoughts of leading minds, whihc have contributed to civilization with artistic compositions, and have created works of significant merit that are worthy of recognition. This may be regarded as taking place in present times or having done so in the past. Criticism, in this sense, cannot fail, firtst, to shed light upon the positive aspects of such works, and, second, to correct and strengthen the basis of philosophy on which they were founded. It is hoped that the critical reviews appearing in this Journal will adhere to principles of reason acceptable to Toth, who is the god of reason, according to the ancient Egyptians, and Maat, goddess of Absolute Truth, who has ever been dear to mankind since the earliest days when cultural development began.

    The publication is intended to be of interest to that class of readers who are possessed of an especial competence in some particular field of specialization, but who, nevertheless, do not confine their interests to that narrow area, but care to be broadly informed in others as well. Despite its name and principle purpose, the Review is not a review publication, soley. Its pages are intended to contain articles of an original character, as well, that have scholarly merit. Authors wishing to avail themselves of the Review as a medium for publication of either critical essays or original compositions, are limited only in the requirement that their papers have scholarly merit; that the topic they have chosen to discuss shall have a general appeal to literati; and that their ideas be clearly and simply expressed in adequate literary style...

    "The Toth-Maatian Review, which [Harold Milnes] edited and published almost to the time of his death, was like no other journal. It had room for poetry, original short stories, essays, scientific and mathematical papers, and Harold?s own "Tales of Toth", a serialized fiction presenting in an original format his views on what is wrong with modern science. (Toth [Thoth] was the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic, Maat the goddess of truth, etc.) Here he exposed also, among other things, his own ?elementary? theory of gravitation. His editorial policy was unique. He worked without referees and, as far as I know, never denied publication to anyone who seriously sought it. The dire degradation of quality predicted by established editorial dogma never happened... Many original ideas in science originating from around the world first appeared in T.-M.R. - which will remain Harold Milnes?s monument." - From In Memoriam by T. E. Phipps, Jr. [Galilean Electrodynamics, V17, N3, p. 42 (2006)].

  • Measuring Local Time Dilation Using Sandglass Egg Timers (1987) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    The hypothesis is introduced that the effects of time dilation extends for a distance from the system experienging the time dilation, and this is accomplished through various potential fields such as gravity. Data is presented which shows how certain devices can alter inertial time. Data is also presented suggesting the existence of time waves and at least the partial reversibility of the time dilation phenomena.

  • Conservation of Momentum at a Distance (1986) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Time, Stress, and Other Properties of Time (1986) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Review of N. A. Kozyrev's Paper Dealing With Experiments With Time (1985) [Updated 1 decade ago]