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Prof. Quentin Smith
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Prof. Quentin Smith (About)
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Interests: Time, Cosmology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Phenomenology

The areas of philosophy in which Dr. Quentin Smith works are Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Physical Cosmology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion and Naturalism, Existentialism and Phenomenology, and the Philosophy of Science. He teaches in the Philosophy Department at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan.

Quentin Smith is the University Distinguished Faculty Scholar (from 2002) at Western Michigan University and also Professor of Philosophy (from 1995). He works primarily in certain areas in philosophy, such as Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Atheism, and Naturalism, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Philosophy of Physical Cosmology and Philosophy of Physics, The History of Analytic Philosophy, and Existentialism and Phenomenology. Among philosophy professors, he is mostly known for his work on the philosophy of time, philosophy of religion, naturalism and atheism, and philosophy of big bang cosmology and quantum cosmology. Most of the philosophical works written about Dr. Smith are in the areas of philosophy of time and philosophy of religion, naturalism and atheism. Regarding questions about religion, God, naturalism and atheism, Quentin of the Smith's work argues that big bang cosmology and quantum cosmology are inconsistent with the existence of God, and are the main topics discussed in the literature on Quentin Smith's work on atheism, naturalism, and the existence of God.

Smith's position is that Big Bang cosmology and quantum cosmology confirm atheism or at least the belief that God probably does not exist. Quentin Smith is more interested in answering the question about why the universe exists than he is in the question, does God exist or is atheism true? And he regards the hypothesis that God created the big bang or a quantum universe merely as one of several hypotheses about the best way to understand big bang cosmology and quantum cosmology. His philosophy of time overlaps with his philosophy of language, for his main position is that the best explanation of why language has tenses is that pastness, presentness and future are objective features universe. Quentin Smith has published four books on time, two books on atheism and the philosophy of religion, one book on physical cosmology, one book on existentialism and phenomenology (on his "metaphysics of feeling"), and one book on the philosophy of mind. Also, he has published approximately 120 articles in scholarly academic journals and edited books.  Quentin Smith?s other publications on other topics are can be found in his vita.