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Robert A. Patterson
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Interests: New Energy, Antigravity, Ancient Technology

My personal life being a complete disaster wrought with abuse and Industrial injuries, which left me disabled and homeless, I began to seek-out research material on such topics as How to be a Successful Entrepreneur, How to become a Millionaire, envelope stuffers, successful real estate negotiations and contracts.

Conducting this research along with the use of my ?eCertificate of Eligibility that I received from my military service, actually allowed me to buy my first home. I amassed a line of unsecured credit worth $46,000.00 dollars applying the techniques from The Millionaire Credit Card System by the Beckley Group Inc. The plan was to come up with a million-dollar idea or product that I could market e.g. Pet-Rocks, Wacky Wall Walkers etc?c

Unfortunately most of these avenues turned out to be nothing more then good old-fashioned scams and I just couldn't wrap myself around those swap-meet type products.

I decided to turn inward for answers, all the while seeking a way out of the abusive industry that I worked in. I had grown up in an abusive household and therefore thought that abuse was just a way of life, so taking my paycheck to the bank was my way of convincing myself that I had won.

Seeking to develop my own line of products I continued my research and began to develop a line of products based on my martial arts training in Wing Chun Gung FU. I designed and marketed several pieces of training equipment geared toward people that didn't have the means to go to a studio and receive formal training.

Wing Chun, in contrast to other forms of Chinese pugilism, has had a short but colorful history. It was founded some 300-years ago during the Ching dynasty by a Buddhist Nun named Um Mui. At that time Um Mui was one of five grand-masters of the Sil Lum Temple, located in the Shung mountain range of Honan. The Ching Emperor in fear of reprisal against his rule by the martial artists of the Sil Lum Temple sought to destroy the Temple.

Circa-1996 while conducting research into various disciplines I happened across an ancient Dogu statue while reading "The Antigravity Handbook" by D. H. Childress, and on p. 133. I discovered logistic-shape-linguistics embossed on the ancient Dogu statues that had been unearthed in Japan, symbols comprising both an Implosive Propulsion system as well as a free energy generator technology.



Robert A. Patterson



Dogu More Than a Space Suit

In the early 80's I began research into Applied Structural Kinetics' invented almost 400-hundered years earlier by a Buddhist Nun named Um Mui, then one of five grand-masters comprising the Sil Lum Temple, located in the Shung mountain range of Honan China combined with Vortex Science fathered by Viktor Schauberger, and although Um Mui and Viktor Schauberger have long since passed away their wisdom and insights are even more applicable today, indeed we owe them a great deal of gratitude, for without their knowledge it would not have been possible for me to decipher the ancient Dogu code.

Circa 1996, many years passed as I researched Viktor Schauberger's and William Baumgartiner's Vortex Implosion Concepts, which eventually lead me to the Shape Linguistics encoded into the ancient Dogu figurines. While reading "The Antigravity Handbook" by D. H. Childress, on page 133 of his book I happened across an ancient Dogu figurine of the Jomon period. The ancient Dogu figurine was described as an Ancient Astronaut.

This being my first experience with the Ancient Astronaut theory I was dumbfounded by the artifacts appearance although it did appear to resemble an astronaut's spacesuit, I had difficulty wrapping my mind around all the intricate symbols that had been encoded into this ancient artifact. Little did I know that this ancient artifact would alter my life's journey, now armed with a truth seeking desire concerning this abstract artifact I discovered the "Ancient Astronaut Theory" by V. M. Greene, author of "The Six Thousand Year-Old Space Suit" I began in earnest to interpret and translate the ancient schematic symbols encoded into the ancient Dogu statues, which had been unearthed in Japan and simultaneously to decipher similar implosive logistic symbols encoded into ancient artifacts unearthed from all over the world.

The initial "Cipher Key" that I clued into concerning the shape linguistic codex's' that were encoded into the ancient Dogu figurines occurred when V. M. Greene was asked a question by one of his readers:

What are those "spiraling wave symbols" there on the Dogu statues?

When suddenly an epiphany such that I have never before experienced went off in my mind and I realized the connection!

Mr. V. M. Greene went on to describe the spiraling wave symbols encoded into the ancient Dogu figurines as the heating and cooling tubes of the astronaut's space suit. Conversely, I began to examine the Dogu figurine with a newfound perspective. The Cipher Key "spiraling waves" is a reference to Vortex Science e.g.. "Spiraling Waves of Energy" which is a key "quantifier" alluding to the essence of Vortex Science.

Later that same year 1996, and delving ever deeper into the strange and abstract symbol linguistics' encoded into the ancient Dogu statues, I began to recognize specific electronic symbols, which resembled Tesla Coil and antenna technology encoded into the Dogu statues and soon realized that the Dogu statues were actually "Ancient Schematics" depicting an {Photon and Microwave Powered, ZPE Quantum Electro-Gravitic Implosion Propulsion Systems} gifted unto humanity by Ancient Astronauts, most likely a Caucasian people called the Ainu that according to legend landed in "Iron Birds" near the Saru River of Japan.

Much of my former life having passed away engulfed in years of intriguing research I now find myself at the crossroads of life and the beginning of a new and exciting journey. To say the least, deciphering the artifacts has fueled my passion for life and given my life new meaning, despite the formidable and daunting task of interpreting the ancient codex's encoded into the ancient Dogu statues.

Pressing every onward after prototyping several examples of the Gravitic unit that had been encoded into a number of different artifacts located on a global scale, and now experimenting with the newly decoded Gravitic technology the device began yielding the most electrifying results when a florescent tube was brought near the Gravitic circuitry.

As I probed the device using the florescent tube I discovered an RF field existed within a ten-foot radius of the gravitic engine. After several additional years of R&D I discovered a huge ion field surrounding the gravitic engine, which extends in all directions for at least several hundred feet of distance form the device.

What the ancient Dogu schematics are proposing is an on-board microwave powered propulsion system, the energy to operate said propulsion system is available in sufficient quantities to be scavenged from the local EM Photon environment, converted via an antenna-voltaic-cell i.e. an (optically pumped waveguide) and choke-coil transformer, considered the low voltage stage of the circuit, which in turn energizes a matching tank-circuit-transformer, considered the high voltage stage of the system, which in turn via spark-gap emissions energizes a set of coaxial magnetrons thereby converting the high voltage supplied by the tank-circuit-transformer into microwave frequencies comprising reverse waves impedance matching via delta antenna and coil structure, said microwave energy having been scavenged from the environment and conditioned via the on-board circuitry may now be guided into selectively shaped dielectric composition and microwave cavity structures e.g. cone shaped structures comprising the engine of said propulsion system.

So yeah I would say a super culture of ancient astronauts visited Earth and left a remarkable record of their propulsion system behind.

Sorry if my post seems a bit too technical for any of you but I am just the messenger relaying the message that was encoded in the stone. It just happens to be a message concerning Quantum Electrodynamics' and not superstitious beliefs.


I have achieved a measure of functionality using the components depicted by the ancient Dogu schematics e.g. I have charged a battery, energized a hair dryer motor, energized high voltage circuitry's, lit a 75-watt bulb and have conducted various experiments with the components deciphered from not only the ancient Dogu schematics but from a world wide examination of the archeological data stream, which emphasizes Implosion based technology i.e. nearly all artifices unearthed to date are encoded with the tale-tale signs of an Implosive based energy technology that is derived freely from the local environment.

The circuit that I decoded from the ancient Dogu schematics operates similar to a turbo charger found on many modern vehicles, albeit an electronic turbo charging device.

Looking at the cone shaped microwave cavities http://ancientgravitics.tripod.com/ and the reverse-wave coaxial magnetron tubes, which drive the cone shaped microwave structures; the energy is being pulled or vacuumed in from the local environment in an implosive manner. Therefore the energy builds within the structures to a point where the surrounding interaction between the components and the environment become super ionized, which in turn propels and levitates the craft.

In essence the vortex action generated within the cone shaped cavity structures is pulling or imploding the craft forward through aerospace.

Recently I placed a few videos on YouTube demonstrating the (Quantum Electric-Generating) side of the circuit in action as well as some explanation of the interaction between the environmental energy and the circuit's ability to tap into the interactions existing between light/atom energy i.e. a naturally occurring environmental action, Fission/Fusion between atoms and photons, which releases usable energy that can be converted into high voltage electrical pulses, which may also power an implosive electro-gravitic aerospace-plane.


The above URL is but a small sample of the high-tech message that was encoded into many ancient artifacts by ancient astronauts and there is more e.g. the ceramic composition comprising the ancient statues in question might well contain additional holographic encoded records.

Useful Scientific Reference may be made to the publication:


? 107. Single-sideband spectral holographic optical memory, H. Lin, T. Wang, and T. W. Mossberg, Opt. Lett. 21, 1866 (1996).

Spectral holography provides for the storage of data-encoded, time-domain optical signals in frequency selective recording materials e.g. ceramics. In time-domain spectral holographic memories, optical data streamers are recorded as Fourier decompositions within frequency-selective recording materials. Memory output signals consist of light beams with the same temporal envelope and generally the same spectral content as the original input data.

Some Implications are:

There exists more information encoded within ancient artifacts then was ever suspected by archeologist as a whole.

Other artifacts such as the Pyramids may also contain encoded holographic memories...

SETI... Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence; their shift from the microwave spectrum to Holographic Optical Processing Communication Systems.

Optical SETI Links




Should you still think it was all about ancient ritual superstitious symbolism you had better think again!

If we are discussing Ancient Astronauts with the ability to travel to or from the Earth then they must have had a high level of technology and wouldn't that have been the message f.e.g. depiction,

Hi Folks This Is How We Arrived!

See ya wouldn't want to be ya!


One of the oddest things worth mentioning that I encountered while researching and decoding the ancient Dogu schematics is that no professional within the fields of my endeavors would give me the time of day when I would reference the ancient Dogu and other ancient statues as being circuit diagrams. I would receive threats from the status quo (archeologist) threatening to revoke my credentials for going out on my own and decoding these shape linguistics, furthermore they would make it their mission in life to see to it that my translations would never see the light of day.

Odd how any and all-new discoveries are rejected by so many that claim to know so much but in actuality know so little about deciphering linguistic codes comprising the very cultures they claim to know so much about. Technical engineering built or fashioned every piece of archeological data that has been unearthed; included are lenses, astronomical observatories, and mathematics' etc? why its art and science combined!

Additionally a few "alleged" scientist phoned and made threats on my life, stating that if I didn't stop what I was doing concerning my ancient schematic translations and the energy research that I was conducing that I was going to turn up dead, that big brother and other powerful entities were watching me.

It wasn't until I separated the technology from the ancient Dogu schematics and assembled a new website "quantumgravitics" comprising only the technology that anyone even began talking with me.

But then again someone wanted to know and publicly asked me how I came up with this technology? After showing them my translations they of course never spoke with me again!

I've lost more would be conversations that way

The below sentence might require some clarification. While decoding the ancient schematics I realized that a section of the statue-schematic referenced a waveguide cavity antenna.

I asked this Internet waveguide guru a particular question concerning waveguide antennas. His reply was that he would not answer any of my questions because in his words I was a thief that I was attempting to employ an antenna technology to swipe power from the local TV and Radio towers. Oddly enough no amount of explaining to him that I was not tuning my antenna circuitry to any TV/Radio stations but rather that I was tuning to the transition frequency comprising the interactions between photons and atoms would suffice.

Needless to say but eventually I answered my own question


The most infuriating aspect about decoding the ancient Dogu schematics was when I initially attempted to share my discoveries with friends whom I thought would responded positively to my newfound discoveries. Boy was I wrong! I was hit with a barrage of negativity that insulted my creative genius to point that made me think that I must be wrong about the statues actually being circuit diagrams but each time I went back to the books and the ancient schematics in an attempt to prove myself wrong all I came back with was more positive truths' signifying that I was correct about the ancient statues being circuit diagrams comprising an Implosive Electrogravitic technology encode into nearly ever artifact that I examined.

Vortex Science being the key-quantifying agent, which allowed me to interpret the ancient schematics in the first place, which contains specific shapes that transfer energy via vortex action e.g. egg shapes and other tale-tale sings of Vortex Science Linguistics' which were encoded into the artifacts that I examined allowed me to interpret the Shape Linguistics' that had been encoded in the ancient artifacts. My initial enlightenment decoding these abstract symbol linguistics came in the form of three symbols, two base and one elevated symbol e.g. spiraling waves of energy, an impeller symbol in wing form and a vortex comprising multiple meanings located at the crown of the Dogu.

Circa 1996

In shock at the fact that I had just discovered Vortex Implosion Science linguistic symbols encoded in the Dogu statues!

I asked myself over and over again how on Earth could a ten thousand year old artifact be inscribed with Implosion based technology?

Some time after my initial shock of finding vortex based information encoded in the ancient statues I began to decode more of the abstract symbolism's (electronics) encoded within the archeological data stream, which took me into alternative energy technology and a newfound life long dedication some twelve years in the making.

In the meantime I have been physically modeling the circuitry that was encoded into the Dogu as well as other ancient artifact schematics left behind by some unknown ancient super cultures.


The Internet is rampant with people posting unsubstantiated claims with regards to myself and the technological discoveries that I have made.

In circumspect most of the unsubstantiated remarks are based in ignorance.

Allow me to explain;

I have made possible via text, graphics and experimental apparatus the means for anyone to explore the discoveries I have made, simple as that.

Usually derogatory remarks aimed at me are made by people that for whatever reason will not examine the research materials nor will they evaluate the experimental apparatus that I have developed as R&D fund raising tools.


Yes, I charge real monies for my R&D tutorials. Do songwriters not receive royalties? Add Nazism!


How else is someone outside the mainstream to fund research into areas considered taboo?

I have led by example by producing products based on the research criteria.

The bottom line is prototyping is expensive and without the benefit of funding any progress I make will take years to develop to fruition so I may as well develop marketable products based on my research in an effort to pay the cost of building the devices and who knows I might come up with something that catches on that will pay my research cost so that I can continue with what I have discovered.

Yes, a craft driven in the manner described by the ancient schematics would undoubtedly achieve the base speed of light.

Scientific Replication?

Here is the thing what happens the first time I turn the gravitic device on and it actually powers up and achieves levitation mode?

Do you really think I would need anyone replicating my work to prove the Ancient Astronaut Hypotheses?

I have yet to meet anyone with the financial means or the cognitive abilities to even be able to wrap their mind around the discoveries I have made or with the ability to assist me with the construction of the gravitic circuitry that I decoded from the archeological records.

Open source?

This is not a viable option history demonstrates that the spoils of victory went to those that patented their idea and either became their own manufacture or a hired known manufacturer to fabricate their product. Historically speaking no manufacturer has ever fabricated a product that was not protected by a patent or trade secret, period.

My initial thoughts on the discovery of the Dogu Code was this message was intended for the whole human race so I attempted to share it but all I received in return for my effort was ugly-ugly negativity.

Anyway I no longer wish to discuss the mistreatment of innovative people by the ignorant establishment but would prefer instead to discuss the positive aspects concerning the ancient technology.

To Be Continued

I remember finding this one forum board with the title caption stating they where "Weighing The Evidence For Alternative History

Needless to say but I jumped right in and posted the Dogu Code as added weight to the alternative.

What ensued next was nothing short of appalling the whole message board began making derogatory remarks, calling me names and belittling my point of initial discovery. At some point I'd had enough and countered with a little derogatory statement of my own but doing so got me booted off the site while all the other members where allowed to continue with their defamatory remarks.

Ma'at the concepts of truth cosmic order and justice.


Are you aware that you only have to remove one single "rule" and the whole primitive man theory of archeology would come tumbling down!

"contextual evidence"

Loosely described as a rule that allows archeologist to lump categorize all ancient artifacts regardless of any alternative significance.

In their terms when an artifact is unearthed in or near a burial mound or site it is automatically ascribed and categorized as being funerary, ritualistic or some other similar category without regard to any other discipline e.g. (engineering) that might otherwise be recognizable to that alternate discipline.

Additionally several articles have been written that lists the limits of archeologists citing social, political and economical aspects of a culture, which archeologists clearly see.

However when it comes to specifics e.g. engineering they fall short while other professions notice the similarities between different surface's, structures, or even a technology and intuitively know what type of tool or process would have been employed in the creating of these structures and as in my particular case actually fabricate working components based solely on interpretations rendered directly from the artifacts themselves vs. an assumption made by archeologists lumped categorizations, sorry I meant to say "contextual evidence"

Some say, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" Yeah, except that some of these "claims" are inherent in the evidence, like Dogu statues i.e. the evidence is written into the symbology present on the artifact. If the symbology decodes into a viable technology then it becomes "extraordinary" evidence and thus proves the claim.

Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack



Anytime a new discovery is made outside of the contextually established "primitive man theory" as set forth by archeology and is brought to light it immediately becomes scientifically out of bounds and is tossed aside while the champions of the new discovery receive embellishments of ridicule.

I should add a note of justification (balance) to this discussion, admittedly I am somewhat closed minded when it comes to mainstream descriptions given by archeologists due in part to their linguistically broken symmetry when describing many of the ancient artifacts or "alleged" customs e.g. I have a collectors edition of World Mythology that reads something as follows Gods rituals symbolism shaman would put the pain of birth into the Dogu and snap off its head and that was the ritual of the Dogu. Oh! My aspirin bottle! lol

Ascribed modern constructs aside i.e. by removing the false beliefs, superstitions add-nazism etc? attributed to i.e. forced onto ancient cultures and their artifacts by archeology as a whole opens a whole new window of alternative views concerning ancient cultures. Being an engineer I seek technical truths' comprising the functionality of the universal engine (Quantum Electrodynamics') and when I examine the archeological data stream I intuitively recognize many of the engineering symbols encoded into many artifacts, which depict with great detail their proposed purposes.

Contrary to popular belief I am not saying that all of modern archeology is incorrect they (archeologists) do correctly recognize a small piece of the Enigma but fail to grasp the larger picture concerning the level of engineering attained by many ancient cultures prior to our own modern era. Cultures that in fact left records that have survived the ravages of time.

The ancients are telling us that spiritualism and mental or technical growth reside within the unison of duality.

By now you should be aware that I have a different take on deities e.g. goddess or pregnant goddesses or female statues signifying a bonding e.g. by holding an infant to their breast, thus signifying a bond.

If you would but change the symbolism to a higher level of communication you would discovery a hidden duality comprising quantum physics encoded in the meaning represented by the shape linguistics depicted by the ancient statues e.g. the goddess holding an infant to her breast symbolizing a bond or bonding between mother and child now switch the symbolism to comply with physics and you find covalent bonding occurring between atoms.

I know, it sounds like a stretch however if you would but apply my example you will begin to decipher many different shape linguistics comprising a technical nature hidden in plane site.

All you need is an illustrated dictionary of electronic terms and for e.g. when you see a lens on a statue you should conduct research into optics if you see a slot between said lenses then you should look up slotted lenses if for e.g. you see spiraling waves or a vortex insignia you should research Vortex Science following this example you should reach a similar conclusion as I have i.e. that many of the ancient statues depict implosive based electronic circuitries in their symbolisms.

Additionally my take on the events that occurred between the primitive time of indigenous man and the advanced cultures that suddenly appeared and/or disappeared for that matter cited as the arrival of the gods. This is my opinion and personal intuition based on my research of the events leading up to the arrival of the gods thus sparking a (quantum leap in engineering) 1) the ancient astronauts that eventually colonized Earth to some extent used an anti-gravitational type of technology, which is visible on the backs of many statue artifacts in the form of a cone shaped structure similar to a jet-pack albeit as I later discovered it is actually a microwave cavity structure that allows the pilot to hover and maneuver over the terrain.

Bipedal transportation being rather low tech wouldn't you agree?

Is it any wonder that these ancient people mistakenly believed these ancient astronauts to be gods?

Also there are myths and btw what reason or need would an ancient culture ever require a myth?

Ancient Myths stating that the gods flew or came to Earth in Iron Birds and other manner of flying apparatus.

This is what I think might have happened during the quantum leap of engineering during ancient times in light of the fact that no actual piece of technology i.e. other than fragments have ever been publicly presented I believe the ancient astronauts being the benevolent souls that they are decided that their technology should be either hidden or removed altogether from the sight of primitive man due to the potential for culture shock that would obviously occur.

The ancients then decided to live on par with the indigenous people already on the planet and began building with stone clay and natural materials at easy disposal and thus primitive man was elevated to a similar intellect as the gods.

Second Version

Similar to the first ancient astronauts colonize the Earth using the most excisable materials e.g. stone, clay etc? unfortunately war engulfs many cultures and btw the research indicates technologically advanced wars may have destroyed these advanced cultures, which ultimately turned primitive prior to the arrival of our own modern era.

You can also mix the two variations and get a third picture of what might have occurred.

At any rate the above is to me what the research criteria suggest happened and btw I have read very little outside the technical discoveries that I have personally made concerning the ancient astronaut theory so academia please do be careful when you start slinging accusations stating that I forced the math or some other absurd references that I used to force a fit between my technologically advanced translations comprising gravitic propulsion and your primitive man theory not having access to advanced knowledge from some indigenous or off world source.

Unlike academia I presented my discoveries in graphic format comprising an exploded view of the components depicted by the ancient statue schematics and then preceded to fabricate a working model of those very same components all the while suffering their ridicule so I say to you academia put up or shut up build a pyramid in like manner that you claim the ancients accomplished this very feat, otherwise I am afraid you don't have a contextual leg to stand on.


Archeology's Soda Can Analogy.

One time in particular this student of archeology claimed that I had somehow used the measurements of a soda can to warp the math and force my technologically advanced interpretations onto the Jomon culture and when I attempted to explain that I had actually conducted a comparison of modern components against each symbol encoded into the ancient Dogu schematics and upon discovering a match I then preceded to fabricate that component.

His next reply was that I had conducted the worse kind of investigation and accused me of doing a disservice to the Jomon culture and began spewing regurgitated rules of contextual dogma.

Pardon the pun but contextually speaking if an artifact is encoded with linguistics' comprising a message it kind of well, it supercedes its location of burial context now don't it.

I am not sure just how many would have the ability to replicate the circuit that I decoded from the ancient Dogu schematics considering the level of engineering complexities, how many do you know that understand Cavity-quantum electrodynamics?


During the course of my studies as well as in my everyday life I have witnessed several UFO events, luckily I had enough research under my belt to comprehend the unusually shaped aerospace-planes that I have over past years been privy to, which had been shaped in such a manner that the normal wing-tip vortex action generated by induced drag was actually being applied in a beneficial manner to pull the craft forward by drafting on its own environmental displacement.

One UFO sighting in particular discovered by Liz Edwards studying the sun's magnetosphere spotted an anomaly on the SOHO video that she was examining and when she enlarged the anomaly it reveled an image of a swept forward aerospace-craft,


Of course every official she asked about the anomaly replied with an answer consisting of anything and everything except what the object actually is...

I intuitively recognized this craft as being the same type that I have witnessed on several occasions as well as making use of the same type of propulsion technology as what I had decoded form the ancient Dogu schematics.

I have been planning to build a foam model of the SOHO UFO discovered by Liz Edwards for a long time now so finally I had enough left over materials and a little spare time and when I finished with about half of the foam work I brought the model in the house and was looking for a spot to set it down. I ended up tipping it up onto the twin nosecone sections and suddenly realized that it was a perfect physical match resembling the Dogu statues!

Meanwhile as time/funds permit I continue to model the gravitic technology that I decoded primarily from interpretations rendered from the ancient Dogu schematics however I intuitively recognize Vortex Science and Quantum Electrodynamic component symbols encoded within a diversity of cultures and their ancient statuary.


Abridged Reference:

Viktor Schauberger and William Baumgartiner, "Vortex Science"

"The Six Thousand Year Old Space Suit"

By Vaughn M. Greene

T.T. Brown "Electrogravitics"

Nikola Tesla "Tesla Coils"

T.W. Mossberg Cavity-QED

Theory of Microwave Propulsion for Spacecraft

By Roger Shawyer C.Eng MIEE

The Dogu Code


Useful Scientific Reference may be made to the publication:


? 107. Single-sideband spectral holographic optical memory, H. Lin, T. Wang, and T. W. Mossberg, Opt. Lett. 21, 1866 (1996).


Robert A. Patterson


? ? Copyright Owner