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Margaret Cheney
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Margaret Cheney (About)
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Journalist, Author
Interests: Tesla Age: 99

Every scientist, alternative or mainstream, should read a biography of Nikolai Tesla, arguably the greatest inventor of all time, especially including Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi.  Margaret Cheny's very readable biography of the underappreciated Tesla, though not the first or the last, may be the best.

From her hompage:

"Margaret Cheney was born on April 5, 1921 in Eugene, Oregon, and moved
at the age of two with her family to a small farm town in western
Washington. Her mother, Josie Swisher, a school teacher, taught the
five children to read before they entered public school. Her father
George Swisher, a racer and trainer of horses, departed each spring
with his sulky and Dr. Bob, a black pacer, for county fairs in the
Pacific Northwest and California. Margaret entered first grade at age
five, the only student in her class in a one-room schoolhouse, was
promptly promoted and began to foreshadow her career in journalism by
publishing these and other events in hand-printed newspapers."