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Dr. John Gribbin
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Dr. John Gribbin (About)
World Science Database Profile

John Gribbin is an internationally renowned author, broadcaster, journalist and research scientist with a unique capacity for explaining difficult scientific subjects to the widest possible audience. He has written 50 books, amongst which are highly acclaimed titles such as In search of the Double Helix and in Search of the Big Bang. - Amazon

"Dr. John Gribben recently [in 1979] left the staff of the science journal Nature after a spell of five years, to return to active research at the University of Sussex, England.  Before joining Nature he worked at the then Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Cambridge, where as a student he received the 1970 First Award of the Gravity Research Foundation of New Boston for a study of Sco X-1 which later formed the major part of his dctoral thesis.

"Dr. Gribben's published papers cover topics in stellar structure, cosmology, the nature of pulsars, the origin of the redshifts of quasars, relations between sunspot and terrestial activity, earthquake prediction and climate change.  In 1974 he was awarded a Glaxo Travelling Fellowship for the latter work.  He has published books on earthquakes (with S. H. Plagemann), climate and galaxy formation.  Married with one son, Dr. Gribben lives in Brighton on the south coast of England." - Gravitation Based on Dynamic Pushing Converging Stellar Radiations and Reactions Verifying Conservation Laws, p. 43.


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