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International Congress 2008: Fundamental Problems of Natural Sciences and Engineering

Dates: 2008-08-04 - 2008-08-09 9.9 (1 decade 3 years ago)

Where: 190040 St. Petersburg, Russia Venue: State University of Civil Aviation


Dear Colleague! We are pleased to inform you that the next International Scientific Congress-2008 ?FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS OF NATURAL SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING? will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia August 4 - 9, 2008. A discussion on modern theoretical, experimental and engineering problems in different areas of Natural Science and Engineering is supposed to be under consideration. The organising committee believes that time for investigations devoted to the deeper understanding of reality and comprehension of scientific achievements about nature and society has come. PROBLEMS TO BE DISCUSSED: Classic physics as the basis of the 21 century reality physics. Organising levels, elements and structure of objects in natural science, sciences about Earth. Problems of time and space. Etherodynamics, electrodynamics and gravitation Energy, engineering and technologies of the new Millennium. Catharsis conference ? ?Steps to New Civilization?. Plenary sessions are to be devoted to reports on fundamental problems and discussions selected by organising committee and summeries of poster and section sessions. In addition to reports at plenary and section sessions poster sessions will be also held. They are one of the most important and effective working forms of the Congress-2008. Participants of poster sessions will have place and time for discussions with scientists interested in their report. At the same time every participant will have an opportunity for personal meetings with posters reporters. The working languages are Russian and English, simultaneous (vice-versa) translation will be provided. Plenary sessions and perhaps some section meetings are to be transmitted over Internet-TV. Plenary and poster sections will be held at the State University of Civil Aviation , Russia, St.-Petersburg, Aviagorodok (not far from international airport), Pilotov str., 38.Autobus 13, 113, 213 three stops up to University of Civil Aviation (DIRECTION OPPOSITE TO CITY). Participants who inform organising committee of the date, time and flight number of their arrival before July 1 will be met at the airport. International Scientists' Club Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Saint-Petersburg Department of Physical Society International Academy of Information Communication and Control Saint-Petersburg Mining Engineers' Society Russian Geological Society Russian Geographical Society.


Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Prof. Chiharu Sano, Oleinikov A.N., Prokhorcev I.V.

  1. Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov Recognition of the knowledge is the afflatus of XXI century
  2. Nawrot W. Euclidean Reality Theory ? Spectacular Conclusions and New Problems
  3. Nawrot W. Four Dimensional Euclidean Reality ? The basic properties of the model
  4. Cris Marx. Changing of the paradigm: natural history ? natural study
  5. Zakharchenko G.A. The ontological and gnoseological aspects of cognition of the Infinity
  6. Shmelev I.P. The ontological construction
  7. Jauniskis E. The new ideas in physics and mathematics
  8. Prof. Chiharu Sano The proof of that the Universe is infinite

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Sukhorukov G.I., Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin

  1. Vinogradova M.G. The new cosmogonic theory (NCT) about atom and eradiation at their interaction
  2. Merkulov .. Chain detonation is the alternative to inflation
  3. Moiseev B.. On the Doppler?s cross-effect
  4. Ter-Markaryan .. The forced interaction of two moving charges ?in accordance with Newton? and energy-changing between them.
  5. Slivitsky B.., Slivitsky .B. The inference of the Newton?s mechanics postulates from the etherological constructions. The non-Einsteian inference of the formula E = mc2 and the new disproof of the basic law of the physics
  6. Merkulov .. The interaction collapses and their role in the mechanism of the elementary particles conversions.
  7. Zhelonkin .. Vacuum is the material base of the World-creation.
  8. Nikolayev S.. The evolutional tourbillon of the matter in the Universe.

Co-Chairmen: Oleynikov A.N., Butusov K.P., Rudnik V.A.

  1. Kuznetsov .. On the ?crucial? experiment in the problem of the emergence of the pre-life of the Earth?s type.
  2. Morakhovsky V.N. Retrogenic processes, analysis
  3. /&3% .. The system features, nature and the universal model of the oilfield and gas-field formation
  4. Kuznetsov .. To the question on the perspectives of the Anabar shield industrial mineral-storage
  5. Sakharov A.V. The universal characteristic of the mechanic properties of the mining rocks
  6. Smirnov E.Ya. To the question on the macrostructure of the Universe, on the genesis and evolution of stars and planets, on the searching of the ore minerals
  7. Sakharov A.V. The living resource of the man
  8. Starovoitov V.I., Voronov N.V., Pavlova .. Perspectives of the technology development in cultivation of the potatoes at the garden-beds
  9. Bereslavsky E.., Alexandrova L.. Construction of the contour of constant velocity circumfluence of the dam base in the presence of the curvilinear water discharge head
  10. Ivanov V.V. The orbits of the space bodies of Pluto and Neptune does not intersect

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Moiseev B.M.

  1. /-/#% '.., /-/#% .'. Problems of the ground bases of the modern physics
  2. Cris Marx. The disallowance of the quantifizated science to use professionally the water
  3. Sulin .B., Trapeznikov L.P. Crystallography of the water vapors as the method of the visualization of the informational characteristics
  4. Komarovskikh .F. Water as the indicator of the cosmo-physical actions and of psychoemotional state
  5. Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, On electro- and gravidynamics
  6. Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, On dimensions electro- and gravitational fields
  7. Moiseev B.M., Rusinov N.P. The basic problem of the physics
  8. Moiseev B.M. Does the modern metrology be consummate?

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Moiseev B.M.

  1. Moiseev B.M. On the physical nature of the electromagnetic wave
  2. Kolonutov M.G. Model of the electromagnetic phenomena
  3. Ivan. Conceptualization and experiments of XIX ? beginning of XX centuries which had resulted to emergence of the Relativity Theory from the stand point of XXI century.
  4. Kovaleva G.A. Conception ?Absolute? as the alternative to Relativity Theory
  5. Sall S.. De facto reason of the creation of the Relativity Theory
  6. Mishin .. Principle of the bio-local interaction
  7. Ulman V.. The bi-field
  8. Lipovka N.., Lipovka .V. Radiorefraction in the interstellar environment
  9. Sall S.. Dynamics of the large Hevyside?s velocities and the quantum theory of Thomson as the base for construction of the classic theory of the elementary particles

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Sukhorukov G.I.

  1. Rudnikov .V., Rudnikova L.V. About one approach to the consideration of the fundamental interaction problem
  2. Popov I.V. To the question of the physics of the small influences
  3. Zakharchenko G.. The Universe without ?The Big Bang?
  4. Lozovsky .G. On metaphysical unity of the bound force in the systems and consciousness
  5. Chumakov S.I., Belov .., Nikitenko V. G. The stochastic models of the Reality
  6. Dukmasov V.B. Inertia and the orbital movement
  7. Shpital?naya .. Determination of the pulsar proper motions on the base of the A.A.Efimov?s matrix equation
  8. Blednov V.. Principle of the proof for theorems of decomposition of the natural and positive rational numbers

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Prochorcev I.V., Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin

  1. Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov Reality in the structure of the Space-Time and in the evolutioning consciousness
  2. Prochorcev I.V. ?With this ? overcome?, ?<= ;>?@A =BCD? (Greek.)
  3. Butusov K.P. The order in cosmos
  4. Shamanina N.. Progressive-regressive tendencies in myth creation on the phase of infancy of the modern religions
  5. Breyterman Kh.. Fundamental problem of natural sciences and its solving

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Prochorcev I.V., Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin

  1. Kryzhanovsky E.V., Grigoryan A.G., Tursunova K.B. Krounoscopy method as the modern technology of the analysis of the energetic and psycho-physiological state of the man
  2. Sibikeev . Dynamics of the psychical and the somatical
  3. Smirnov E.Ya. To question of the evolution of the mind: on the structure of the anima,phases of its evolution and about the methods of perfectibility

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Oleynikov A.N., Rudnik V.A.

  1. Zakharov .Yu. The thinks about the structure of the Worldcreation
  2. Lebedev V.. On the continuous compact environment that is forming and including the all gravitate bodies
  3. Prof. Chiharu Sano. The reasons in accordance with which the values of the gravitation and Coulomb?s force values are discrete
  4. Zhelonkin .., Kovalev I.. Strategy of the order is the methodological base of the scientific thinking
  5. Yampol?sky Yu.S. The fundamentals of the discrete space hypothesis
  6. Zakhozhay V., Soloviev V.. Rhythms in the evolution of the Earth?s crust and the kinematics of the celestial bodies

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Moiseev B.M.

  1. Romanov V.G. To ?three great problems? of V. L. Ginsburg
  2. Mishin .. Multiyear observations of the non-traditional emission from the Center of the Universe
  3. Krivoshey .I. Cosmo-physical reasons of the catastrophes at the Planet Earth
  4. Butusov K.P. Physics of de?Broyle?s waves. Diffraction of the gravitational field
  5. Yaroshchik N.P. The influence of the cogitative and psycho-emotional activity of the man onto the environment space
  6. Yartsev V.V. Three biotic spaces and the life time
  7. Kurlyandsky V.V. The interference in humanity's history

Energy, engineering and technologies of the new Millennium
Co-Chairmen: Andreev E.I., Sall S.A..

  1. Andreev .I. The new natural energetic.
  2. Turyshev .V. New type of thrusters.
  3. Klimashevsky S.N., Vishnevsky L.I. Innovative project of the Arctic tanker
  4. Firsov V.I., Voronov N.V. Concept of reduction and recycling of emissions and flare gases
  5. Chernyaev .F. The gauge registration of ?Tungusska? phenomena
  6. Gabyshev V. G. The globe-lightning: thermodynamic version
  7. Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov The nature of the natural energetic processes: ontology of the order
  8. Prokhortsev I.V. Technology of the homo-sapiens formation: in the healthy body is the healthy spirit

Co-Chairmen: Smirnov A.P., Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Prokhortsev I.V.

  1. Samokhvalov V.N. The mass-dynamical and mass-variational field in the physical processes
  2. Samokhvalov V.N. The experimental arguments of the existence of the mass-dynamical fields and forces
  3. Turyshev .V. My opening of the mechanics
  4. Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov New phase in the sciense development, technique, technology, education, philosophy and culture
  5. Rum?yantsev V.N. Information to cogitation about the mankind desperation and on the ways of the get-out from this state
  6. Nomokonov V.N. On the main characteristics and structure of The New Universal Order