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Conference on the Fundamental Structure and Mechanisms of the Universe

Dates: 1997-05-30 - 1997-06-02 9.9 (2 decades 4 years ago)

Where: San Francisco, CA, United States Venue:


Organised by The Alexandria Foundation, the conference committee are Ross Tessien tessien@oro.net on matters relating to venue, accommodation and local  arrangements and Ray Tomes rtomes@kcbbs.gen.nz on matters relating to paper  submissions and program. Apeiron Journal (http://www.vif.com/users/apeiron/) is a conference affiliate.

Venue: Gold Rush Country, two hours outside of San Francisco in the Sierra Mountain Foothills

Date: 30 May to 2nd June 1997 (4 days)

WWW information: http://www.kcbbs.gen.nz/users/rtomes/conf-1.htm

Conference fee: $75.00 before 9th May or $90.00 thereafter.

Status of Abstracts and Papers.

The following is a list of people from whom I understand that I have received  Abstracts. There are several others who have indicated they wish to present  papers but who have either not sent them or I have missed you when making up  this list. If your name is not here but should be (or is but shouldn't be)  then please let me know urgently. Ross, if you have some others also, please  let me know now.

Alan Gasser, Barry Mingst, Jason Blood, Dale Pond, Dawn Stranges Dorazio,  Henry H Lindner, Jerry Shifman, Lew Howard, Millenium Twain, Paul Stowe, Ross  Tessien, Ray Tomes, Stephen W Bennett, Thomas Lockyer, Toby Grotz. Also Pete  Brown (poetic interlude) and Chris Franks (cesium clock and GPS demo).

Completed papers have been received from Henry H Lindner, Jerry Shifman, Paul  Stowe, Thomas Lockyer. Again, please let me know if you should be listed here  but are not.

IMPORTANT for PAPER SUBMISSIONS: All other paper presenters are reminded that  they should have their papers to me by 9th April at the latest. This in  important so that we can get the material into a common form and printed for  the conference.