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Pages: 370
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2009
ISBN: 0199559112
ISBN: 978-0199559114

Worlds of Flow: A History of Hydrodynamics from the Bernoullis to Prandtl (Buy Now)

Olivier Darrigol
\'This is a book that all practising fluid dynamicists must read: I hope there will be a paperback edition soon, so that the strange history of the subject that Darrigol describes with such insight will become part of the intellectual legacy of interested students in engineering, mathematics and physics.\' - Nature

\'This book deserves a place in every university library, and it will surely be read with much interest, and some surprise, by many applied mathematicians.\' - Alex D.D. Craik, University of St Andrews, The London Mathematical Society Newsletter 2006

\'The book is a valuable contribution to its subject and is likely to provide new and perhaps useful insights to those studying fluid dynamics. It is well written and produced.\' - D.H. Peregrine, Mathematical Reviews

\'By presenting in detail the interactions between many mathematicians and engineers, and by emphasizing the different styles characteristic of scientists in different countries, Darrigol has provided a fascinating insight into the development of hydrodynamics.\' - J. Stewart Turner, Australian National University, Canberra, August 2006, Physics World 2006

\'A fascinating and well written book.\' - Meccanica 2007