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Pages: 534
Publisher: Edgar A. Ostrander
Year: 1977
ISBN: B0007AW2H2

Through the Barrier: The Collected Papers of Edgar A. Ostrander (Buy Now)
  • Edgar A. Ostrander earned a first class FCC license and a two year Associate in Science degree from Suffolk Community College, New York. He worked as an assistant Civil Engineer with the Suffolk County Highway Department, where he obtained a state Professional Engineer\'s License. He taught basic and advanced electronics and had a good mathematical background through differential equations. Dr. Ostrander had two children and lived in Wading River, N.Y. Ostrander wrote both \"Through the Barrier\" and \"The Dynamic Universe\" as a part time hobby during the period 1971-1976, although his original efforts began around 1963. While everything stated as fact can be substantiated, there is no intention to present this work as that of some astute scientist. Nevertheless, Mr. Ostrander believes that his sincere and highly original work will eventually prove of considerable importance to the layman and physicist alike.