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The Speed of Light varies with Magnetic Flux Density

David Tombe
Year: 2007 Pages: 5
Archimedes' principle can be applied in the electric sea to explain paramagnetic attraction and diamagnetic repulsion. This is based on a hydrodynamical force derived by James Clerk-Maxwell and based on the concept of a sea of tiny molecular vortices. The force in question derives from a magnetic field intensity gradient in the steady state.

It will now be shown that such a gradient in the steady state can only be compatible with the double helix theory of the magnetic field if the variable quantity is the magnetic permeability which has traditionally been assumed to be constant for a given medium. It therefore follows that the speed of light will vary with the magnetic flux density of a steady state magnetic field.

A further connection between the vorticity of a magnetic field and the speed of light extends this idea generally to the fact that the speedof light will vary with magnetic flux density.