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The Aether in Rigid Body Collisions

David Tombe
Year: 2008 Pages: 10
During a collision, momentum is always conserved. The large scale kinetic energy on the other hand, may or may not be conserved. When kinetic energy on the large scale is conserved during a collision, we say that the situation is matched. It will be concluded that a matched collision involves only a large scale pulse of aether with a prodigious speed that is many orders of magnitude greater than the speed of light, and maybe even instantaneous. An unmatched collision on the other hand will involve both a large scale aether pulse as well as a microscopic particle compression wave with a finite speed in the order of the speed of sound. This aether pulse, which we will call a vitreous pulse, is a compression wave of aether involving an actual net aether flow that moves through a rigid body and causes large scale acceleration. This large scale acceleration is due to an aethereal force which we will call G5.