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Maxwell's Sea of Molecular Vortices

David Tombe
Year: 2010 Pages: 7
Keywords: vortex, molecular vortices, Maxwell, aether
Electrostatics is dipolar, gravity is monopolar, and magnetism is ostensibly non-polar. Any unified field theory will therefore have to explain how to reconcile these three distinct characteristics. The common link between all of these phenomena is the fact that they are all a consequence of aether flow. It only remains to establish the arrangement of the aether sources and the aether sinks in space, that simultaneously gives rise to all three of these phenomena. The solution is found by activating James Clerk-Maxwell's sea of molecular vortices. The electric particles that surrounded Maxwell's aethereal vortices become sources (positrons) and sinks (electrons), and this gives rise to fine-grained double helix patterns in space that trace out magnetic lines of force