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Zero-Energy Space Cancels the Need for Dark Energy

Tuomo Suntola
Year: 2007 Pages: 28
Keywords: Cosmology, dark energy, supernova
A detailed analysis of a dynamic solution of the zero-energy condition of gravitation and motion in Einstein's original proposal of spherically closed space shows a precise match to the luminosity?redshift relation of Ia supernovae without dark energy, accelerating expansion, or additional parameters. In such a solution, Einstein's static 4-sphere is allowed to contract or expand instead of being forced to be stationary by means of a cosmological constant, the original formulation of dark energy. In spherically closed space the zero-energy condition determines the mass density and the development of the expansion velocity of space, allowing the derivation of predictions to cosmological observables like the angular size distance, the magnitude, the surface brightness of distant objects, and the orbital velocities in the vicinity of black holes in closed mathematical forms ? all with excellent fit with observations without a cosmological constant, dark energy, or accelerating expansion.