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Weaknesses in the Formation and Evolution Processes of Mainstream Gravity and Cosmology Theories, and their Consequences

Thierry De Mees
Year: 2011 Pages: 8
Keywords: cosmology, gravity, mainstream
In this paper, I draw the list of weaknesses of the mainstream gravity and cosmology theories. First, the special  and  general  relativity  theory are  discussed,  where  the  emphasis  is  on  the  physical  meaning  of  length contraction, the time expansion and the time delay. Then, the hypothesis of dark matter inside disk galaxies is treated. Since my paper of 2004 [10], this hypothesis has fainted, and I explain the reasons of it. The hypotheses of dark energy, the expanding and the accelerating universe are historically edified upon the big bang hypothesis and I criticize it by using physical objections which lead to obvious alternatives. Also the weakness of the planetary system?s creation theory is physically analyzed. Finally, I explain the evolution process of the modern gravity and cosmology theories and the possible reasons and causes for the increasing alienation from rational thinking.