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Motion is Relative to the Universe but Inertia is not

Thierry De Mees
Year: 2011 Pages: 2
Keywords: Coriolis Gravity Theory, inertia, motion
Based upon the Gravito-Magnetic Theory it is clear that motion can be defined very precisely: the presence and the amplitude of the (gravito)-magnetic component at some place is the very proof of relative motion of an object. Hence, each motion cannot but being relative to the rest of our Universe. On the other hand, inertia can be proven to be not relative to the rest of our Universe, by deduction from the elementary process of force generation, which is found in the Coriolis Gravity Theory, which theory is a fundamental theory of forces and which is entirely compatible with the Gravito-Magnetic Theory. This proves that Mach's Principle (Mach's conjecture) is absurd.