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On the Gravitational Constant of Our Inflating Sun and On the Origin of the Stars' Lifecycle

Thierry De Mees
Year: 2010 Pages: 4
Keywords: gravitomagnetism, gravitation, gyrotation, Coriolis gravity theory, Star expansion
Gravitomagnetism consists of Newtonian gravity and gyrotation, which is totally analogous to magnetism. In an earlier paper, I suggested that the attraction between elementary particles (trapped light) is generated by a Coriolis effect between gravitons and particles (Coriolis Gravitation Theory). In the subsequent paper, I deduced that the amplitude of gravity between particles is ruled by the spin-orientation of particles and I explained the origin of the Expanding Earth. Here, I consider the consequence that the value of the gravitational constant of the Sun is ruled only by the number of like-oriented particles in the Sun and in the planets. I find that the lifecycle of stars is ruled by a gravitomagnetic cycle.