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The Great Michelson & Morley, Lorentz and Einstein Trap

Thierry De Mees
Year: 2010 Pages: 1
Keywords: Michelson & Morley experiment
Thinking  in   terms   of   the  Michelson  & Morley   experiment,   the  Lorentz   interpretation   and   the  Einstein interpretation brings us inevitably to wrong results. To that conclusion I come in this paper by analyzing the null result   of   the   experiment,  which   brings  me   to   the   inevitable   assumption   :   the   aether   drag   velocity   to (measurement-) objects is always zero. First we analyze this assumption and its consequences to the velocity of light and to the aether dynamics. A direct consequence is : the velocity of light to (measurement-) objects is always c.  Furthermore, aether drag is not universal as believed around 1900, but object-bound.
We come to the conclusion that any theory based on a non-null result of the Michelson & Morley experiment, like the Lorentz contraction or the Special  Relativity Theory (SRT) must  be fully based on wrong ideas.  The invariance of the Maxwell Equations to the Lorentz contraction term should not be seen as a confirmation of the validity of SRT but rather as a confirmation of the validity of gravitomagnetism.