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Gravitation, Field and Rotation of Mercury Perihelion

Joseph J. Smulsky
Year: 2008 Pages: 7
Keywords: gravity
The gravitational influence of one body on another is determined by Newton gravity force. Unfortunately, at 18 century the field was entered. And gravitational interactions are now understood so. The first body creates a field, and this field acts on the second body. The concept of field has resulted in many mistakes in the contemporary science. For example, a homogeneous rotating sphere and the same non- rotating sphere have identical distribution of gravitational potential around of itself, i.e. create an identical gravitational field. Therefore automatically is considered, that these two bodies will equally act on weighty point, which moves around of them. Actually it is not so. To determine the influence of the rotating body on the weighty point, it is necessary to integrate the motion equations of weighty point with influence of Newton gravity force from all parts of a rotating body. Such task is very difficult and, probably, sometime it will be solved. We have elected other way and have considered compound model of rotating body. Its rotation we represent as axis-symmetrical located in one plane of the several bodies, which as a result of mutual gravitational attraction rotate around of central body. In result of influence of such compound model of the Sun rotation the computed velocities of change of all parameters of orbits: eccentricity, angles of inclination, of ascending node and perihelion have coincided for all planets from Mercury up to Neptune with results of observations.