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Einstein's Last Question: What is an Electron?

Milo M. Wolff
Year: 2010 Pages: 4
Einstein was queried about the huge numbers of short-lived heavy particles found using high-energy accelerators. Einstein was a careful thinker and replied, ?I would just like to know what an electron is.? He implied that the pedestrian electron, was more important to science than billions spent on accelerators. Einstein saw the electron as the leading player in the Universe. But it did not behave like a discrete particle. Something was wrong and Einstein knew it.

Answering Einstein. This article shows that the electron is indeed the leading player in the universe, deeply involved with the Laws of Nature. We follow suggestions by William Clifford (1876) and Irwin Schroedinger (1989) to reject the discrete-particle electron and replace it with a wave-electron. The Scalar Waves of the electron are the only solution of the only Scalar-Wave Equation in Schroedinger's space. Amazingly, it is found that the wave-electron predicts all the experimental properties of the electron. And, It is the origin of all the Natural Laws, fulfilling Einstein's intuition.

The Truth of Nature. In Einstein's mind the electron was the origin of the natural laws that underlie technology. This article carefully examines the evidence for the truth of Nature revealing that his intuition was right. You, the reader, will find many treasured concepts are not true.