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Did the Proto-Gas Planets' Core Lose Mass Before Their Final Formation? Did Beta-Decay of Neutrons Occur?

Thierry De Mees
Year: 2009 Pages: 6
Keywords: gravitation, gravitomagnetism, gyrotation, gas planets, neutrons, ionization, polarization, core planets, sun, beta decay
Our gas planets and our core planets are formed as two groups from one solar protuberance. It appears that the ionized hydrogen (protons) generated the gas planets and the corresponding amount of electrons generated the core planets. In this paper, we will discuss the hypothesis that the order sequence of the proto- gas planets that we found could imply that the neutrons that were involved in the process of the solar protuberance, possibly got beta-decay. This hypothesis gives a probability fit of 99,7%. We also analyze the hypothesis that a part of the protogas planets' core mass got lost during the formation of the gas planets. For the latter hypothesis, we find a probability fit of 99,99%.