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Towards an Absolute Cosmic Distance Gauge by using Redshift Spectra from Light Fatigue

Thierry De Mees
Year: 2009 Pages: 7
Keywords: gyrotation, gravitation, gravitomagnetism, light fatigue, cosmological red shift, red shift spectrum
Light is an electromagnetic wave with a dynamic mass, and with a zero rest mass. A fourth parameter is gyrotation, the second field of the Newtonian gravitation, discovered by using the Maxwell Analogy for Gravitation. Here, we apply gyrotation for light. The dynamics analysis of the gyro-gravitation parameters for light turns out in the possible existence of a very tiny light fatigue and a very tiny redshift as a direct consequence.
This redshift however is frequency-dependent, unlike the other causes for redshift, as the Doppler effect, the Ashmore effect, the gravitational redshift and the temperature redshift. The discovery of this quadratically frequency-dependent redshift allows us to set up the basis for an universal cosmic distance measurement gauge.