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"Big Bang" or "Steady State"?

Mogens True Wegener
Year: 2007 Pages: 15
Revised version (30.12.2008).

In the present paper it is shown how it is possible to use the strict "light principle" as a point of departure for deriving three new "steady state" models of the universe which are at variance with the Robertson Walker Metric but fulfill Milne's cosmological principle.


A. Introduction
  1. A simple derivation of LT
  2. Importance of the gamma-factor
  3. The formal reduction of LT to GT
  4. From "big bang" to "steady state"
  5. Our basis: the strict "light principle"
  6. The cosmological principle of Milne
  7. A new model of continuous creation
  8. Two asymptotic approximations
  9. The gamma-factor in disguise
O. Conclusion