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On the Connection Between Electricity and Gravity

Jaroslav G. Klyushin
Year: 2006
Keywords: Coulomb law, Maxwell equations, Lorentz force

Gauss and Weber proposed generalization of Coulomb?s law for the case of moving charges.Such interaction depends on relative velocities and accellerations of the charges. When Maxwell field approach was accepted by scientific community, Lorentz proposed his force formula which describes interaction between electric and magnetic fields induced in the space by a certain charge and another charge called test charge. Actually this formula describes interaction between these charges and depends on absolute velocities of the charges. It does not take into consideration charges? accelerations, and does not cover other force formulas proposed by Ampere, Whittaker and Gauss, although all of them were confirmed by experiment. A formula covering all mentioned ones and introducing some additional items was proposed by the author as a generalization of Maxwell?s equations and Lorenz force formula. The proposed report is devoted to analyses of gravidynamic force, which generalizes Newton?s gravitational law in the case of moving masses. It includes second, third, and fourth time derivatives.

This paper is aka "On Gravidynamic Force".