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D. C. Miller's Ether Wind Velocity Predicts Rotation of the CMBR Anistropy Vector of ca. 27 Arc Minutes per Year

Glen W. Deen
Year: 1998
Keywords: Dayton Miller Experiments, Aether, Aether Wind Velocity, Rotation, CMBR Anistropy Vector
Using an ethereal equivalence principle which I invented for this purpose, I discovered that D. C. Miller's 1933 ether wind velocity of208 km 5-1 from near the LMC can be accurately modeled if he Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) dipole [Fixsen el. al. 1996], is rotated by about 36 c about an axis roughly parallel to Uranus's polar axis. If Miller's observation and my analysis are correct, then the CMB dipole must have rotated that much in 67 years, yielding a mean rotation rate of about 32 arc-minutes per year. This rotation axis and a declining rotation rate are arguably, but not conclusively, supported by measurements ofthe CMB dipole in 1982 [Lubin and Villela, 1986], Such a rapid dipole rotation with angular deceleration would make sense only if the CMB is evidence of an expanding and rotating bubble of ether. Van Flandern's exploded planet hypothesis immediately comes to mind as a possible candidate for the cause of this phenomenon. If confirmed from subsequent observations, this CMB dipole rotation would falsify the big-bang theory.