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by Stoyan Sarg

Pages: 614
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Year: 2006
ISBN: 1412083877
ISBN: 978-1412083874

Websites: www.helical-structures.org www.trafford.com/06-0142

The proposed unified theory shows the relation between the forces in Nature by adopting the following ideas: (1) An empty Euclidian space without any physical properties or restrictions; (2) Two super-dense fundamental particles, able to vibrate and combine in geometrical formations; (3) A fundamental law called Super Gravitation (SG) - an inverse cubic law valid in empty space.

Basic idea: A sufficient abundance of these super-dense particles, driven by the close range SG forces into self-organised hierarchical levels of geometrical formations, leads deterministically to the existence of space with quantum properties (the physical vacuum) and galaxies as observable matter. All known laws of Physics are embedded in the underlying material structure of the physical vacuum and in the structure of the elementary particles (graphically presented in Appendix: Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures). Major predictions: existence of hidden space energy of non EM type and a propulsion mechanism of new kind by proper modulation the parameters of the physical vacuum.

Book review - Physics in Canada, V62, pp. 206-207 (2006).

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by Stoyan Sarg

Pages: 234
Publisher: Helical Structures Press
Year: 2004
ISBN: 0973051531

Websites: www.helical-structures.org

The picture on the front cover of the book shows a theoretically obtained image of a metal lattice from gold atoms. While the overall pattern matches the images from most powerful tunneling microscopes, the resolution of shown image is much superior. The secret is in the derived structures of the elementary particles and atomic nuclei. It became possible due to a new space concept, closer to the Ether vision but never investigated before. What was considered impossible in Physics for 100 years became a reality: relation between Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. One big surprise is the understandable relation between the gravitational, electrical and magnetic fields. Another surprise is the existence of hidden space  energy of non electromagnetic type. Third surprise is that the gravitational mass could be manageable. Forth surprise is that the Big Bang is an illusion: The Universe is stationary, while every galaxy has own evolutional cycle comprised of active life (about 12 billion years) collapse, hidden phases of matter recycling and rebirth. The  most energetic cosmological events Gamma Ray Bursts are signatures of a galaxy collapse or rebirth. The currently recognized Crisis in Cosmology is a result of incorrect space concept.

Book review - Physics in Canada, V62, pp. 206-207 (2006).

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by Vladimir A. Aszukovsky

Pages: 584
Publisher: Energoizdat / Energoatomisdat
Year: 1990/2003
ISBN: 5283032299

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In Russian: ??????????????? ??????????

On the basis of the notion of ether as a real viscous and compressible gas there is given an etherdynamical interpretation of the basic material structures as well as the mechanisms of physical field interactions. Models of basic stable elementary particles, such as proton, neutron, electron, photon and also of atomic nuclei, atomic shells and some molecules are considered in detail. The etherdynamical basis of the mechanisms of strong and weak nuclear as well as electromagnetic and gravitational interactions is worked out. The etherdynamical interpretation of basic equations of quantum mechanics is given. The equations of electromagnetic and gravitational fields are made precise. The model of a stationary dynamic cosmos is worked out.

With 28 tables, 151 illustrations, 517 references.

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by Alfred L. Parson

Pages: 80
Publisher: Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection
Year: 1915/1916

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Originally published as Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, Pub 2371, 80pp, 2 plates (Nov 29, 1915).  Reprinted in the collection, Pub 2419, V65, N11 (1916).

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by David L. Bergman, Glen C. Collins

Pages: 42
Publisher: Common Sense Science
Year: 2002
ISBN: 0978929802
ISBN: 978-0978929800

Websites: www.commonsensescience.org

In response to persistent inquiries on the nature of science, this document brings together a compilation of correspondence on various philosopohies of science including those which are consistent with the ongoing work of Common Sense Science.  In contrast to modern-day 'science', which is usually uninterested in insights of moral and religious significance, the discipline of Philosophy encourages inquiries about the meaning and importance of "happenings in nature," the definition of 'truth,' and the purpose and meaning of life.

Contains the correspondence of:

Scientists (36)

Berkely CA
Died: March 15, 1962
Electron, Toroidal Ring
Rapid City SD
Electronics R&D Lab Technician
Gravity, Genesis, Matter-Energy Continuum, Relativity, Electricity, Magnetism, Light

Books (5)

Pages: 80
Publisher: Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection
Year: 1915/1916