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David W. Thomson
Introduction Correction
5 years 11 months ago [2014-05-21 10:20:21]
In the introduction to the section on "Ether" it is written, " However, the "static" aether concept was shattered by the famous Michelson-Morley experiment, in which no aether drag was measured within the limits of the 1887 equipment. " The static Aether concept was shattered not only by Michelson-Morley, but particularly by Morley-Miller. The static Aether concept was shattered because an Aether drag was measured, but not of the magnitude expected. Later, Dayton Miller conducted extensive experiments demonstrating a definite Aether drift of about 10 kps. He postulated that if an Aether does exist, then it must be dragging along with the Earth. So the Aether drag was, indeed, measured. In fact, modern science calls this "frame dragging" so they can agree with the data and still deny the existence of Aether.

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