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by Alfred Evert

Pages: 192
Publisher: Books on Demand
Year: 2005
ISBN: 3833428007
ISBN: 978-3833428005

Websites: www.mahag.com/buech.php

Die Physik g?ngiger Anschauung kennt nur Materie und ?Felder?. Immer mehr jedoch kommt die Diskussion zur?ck auf den alten Begriff des ?thers (Aristoteles, 350 v.Ch.). In diesen Betrachtungen ist wiederum g?ngige Anschauung, dass es Materie-hier und ?ther-dort bzw. ?ther-zwischen-Materie gibt. Vorwiegend wird ?ther als ?gas- oder fluid-?hnliche Substanz? betrachtet. Nach diesen Ansichten soll sich dieser ?ther wie ein ideales Gas verhalten, andererseits von extremer H?rte sein. Unter diesem Blickpunkt kommt Prof. Evert zum Ergebnis, dass Masse nicht nur aus den materiellen Teilen besteht, sondern einen "Phantomk?rper" aus ?ther einschlie?t und betrachtet alle Erscheinungen nur noch als Ausdruck von Bewegungen des ?thers im ?ther.

Seine logische Schlussfolgerung ist, dass es ?berhaupt nur einen einzigen Stoff geben kann und dieser einzig existierende Stoff auch einzigartige Eigenschaften haben muss. Dieser Stoff kann aber nicht aus Teilchen bestehen. Everts ?ther-Physik setzt besonders bei den bislang nicht erkl?rbaren (oder nicht angesprochenen) "Ph?nomenen" an, mit der Zielsetzung, das Wesen (nicht die Formeln) physikalischer Erscheinungen einleuchtender zu erkl?ren.

English translation

The physics of current view knows only matter and ?fields?. More and more however the discussion comes back on the old concept of the ether (Aristoteles, 350 v.Ch.). In these views, current view is again that it gives matter here and ether there and/or ether-between-matter. Predominantly ether becomes as ?gas or fluid similar substance? observed. In this opinion, this ether such as an ideal gas should behave, should be on the other hand of extreme hardness. Under this view point, prof. Evert to the result comes that mass consists not only of the material parts, but rather a "phantom body" out of ether includes and regards all appearances only as an expression of movements of the ether in the ether.

Its logical conclusion is that there can be generally only a single material and this single existing material must have also unique characteristics. This material cannot consist however of particle. Everts ether physics does not prepare especially not explicable (or addressed) in that until now "phenomena", with the objective to not to explain the being (the formulas) physical appearances clearer.

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by Harold Aspden

Pages: 68+
Publisher: Sabberton Publications
Year: 1996
ISBN: 0850560152
ISBN: 978-0850560152

Websites: www.aspden.org peswiki.com/index.php/PowerPedia:Harold_Aspden

Between 1980 and 1996 the author found that scientific periodicals were more willing to accept his papers for publication and took early retirement from IBM in 1983 expressly to become a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Southampton University in the author's hometown in England.  The 14 papers, reproduced in A4 page size from the scientific periodicals in which they were first published, constitute the main section of the book. The front section of the book is a 68 page commentary entitled 'The Creative Vacuum'. Part II consists of fourteen papers which form the 96 page Appendix added to the text of Part I. The papers are of published record in the scientific periodicals referenced as well as in the consolidated publication Aether Science Papers, copies of which are still in print and so may be purchased from booksellers. These 14 papers are also now reproduced in these web pages.

Part I: The Creative Vacuum

Part II: Aether Science Papers

  1. 'The Theoretical Nature of the Neutron and the Deuteron,' Hadronic Journal, 9 129-136 (1986) 1986d.pdf
  2. 'Meson Production based on Thomson Energy Correlation,' Hadronic Journal, 9 137-140 (1986) 1986e.pdf
  3. 'An Empirical Approach to Meson Energy Correlation,' Hadronic Journal, 9 153-157 (1986) 1986j.pdf
  4. 'The Physics of the Missing Atoms: Technetium and Promethium,' Hadronic Journal, 10 167-172 (1987) 1987a.pdf
  5. 'Synchronous Lattice Electrodynamics as an Alternative to Time Dilation,' Hadronic Journal, 10 185-192 (1987) 1987b.pdf
  6. 'Instantaneous Electrodynamic Potential with Retarded Energy Transfer,' Hadronic Journal, 11 307-313 (1988) 1988a.pdf
  7. 'The Theory of the Proton Constants,' Hadronic Journal, 11 169-176 (1988) 1988b.pdf
  8. 'Conservative Hadron Interactions Exemplified by the Creation of the Kaon,' Hadronic Journal, 12 101-108 (1989) 1989d.pdf
  9. 'A Theory of Proton Creation,' Physics Essays, 1 72-76 (1988) 1988c.pdf
  10. 'The Theory of the Gravitation Constant,' Physics Essays, 2 173-179 (1989) 1989b.pdf
  11. 'A Theory of Pion Creation,' Physics Essays, 2 360-367 (1989) 1989c.pdf
  12. 'Standing Wave Interferometry,' Physics Essays, 3 39-45 (1990) 1990a.pdf
  13. 'The Theory of Antigravity,' Physics Essays, 4 13-19 (1991) 1991a.pdf
  14. 'Retardation in the Coulomb Potential,' Physics Essays, 8 19-28 (1995) 1995e.pdf

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by Hector L Bonilla

Year: 1995

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Dr Robert Adams of New Zealand reveals the truth of the history of the transistor/silicon chip - a revelation of monumental significance

IMPORTANT: This publication is no longer in print. The table of contents and selected articles remain browsable online.

The reader is referred to the publication in Nexus New Times magazine of Australia, Vol6, No. 4, June/July issue, of Jack Shulman of the American Computer Company, USA, regarding his "Reverse Engineering Roswell UFO Technology" paper.

Jack Shulman's article addresses certain hypotheses regarding the origin of the "transistor" including such theories which involve Roswell, extraterrestrials and Government agencies alike.

The historical path of intrigue which follows this little device is still causing controversy today - and shouldn't! Who in fact WAS the original inventor of this forerunner to the mighty Silicon Chip? And where and when was it first invented here on planet Earth?

Dr. Adams, in his earlier years, spent much time over the design and construction of vacuum tube amplifiers including experimental experience of discovering similarity in crystallography to vacuum tube technology.  He conceived and achieved considerable success in the application of crystal compatibility in relation to crystal amplification of radio frequency signals.  All this, and more, before the time of the Bell boys. And speaking of crystallography and vacuum tubes, Henry Moray carried out pioneering work on use of crystal plates in vacuum tubes for his Tesla Radiant Energy device in the early 1930's.

Read all about this intriguing enigma of the 'true' history of the transistor in Dr. Adams' 'Second Edition' of Special Update 2001 edition of Applied Modern 20th Century Aether Science.

Other intriguing topics addressed in the Adams book surround all relevant issues pertaining to new energy, aether energy, etc, and deal, in one interesting article, with the myths surrounding claims of 'unity', 'over unity', 'negative point energy', 'zero point', terms used loosely in many new energy publications of the day. He also brings claims of 'over 100% efficiency' of new energy devices into perspective with reality!

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by Dale Pond

Pages: 91
Publisher: Delta Spectrum Research
Year: 2001

Websites: www.svpvril.com

"A few years ago a project was undertaken to create a machine to generate mechanical power that would produce useable electricity and drive machinery. This machine had been originally invented and built in the 1880s and did indeed generate mechanical power. The team, assembled to recreate this device, thought they could duplicate this instrument using modern technology. As innocent as this goal was - things turned out rather differently. The machine was built in a surprisingly short time. Did it successfully generate power? Not in the expected way but in a way so surprising as to be near unbelievable."

The story of Atlin and the people who built her. How the dynasphere was built, when, where, how and who. A personal account of the historical backgrounds, events and people by Dale Pond. Includes extensive review of construction, operation, experiences and findings on heart, health, Consciousness and connections between Mind and Matter.  8.5" x 11" 88 pages with photos, references, bibliography and glossary.

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by Lew Paxton Price

Publisher: Lew Paxton Price
Year: 1999-2010
ISBN: 0917578236
ISBN: 0917578244
ISBN: 0917578252
ISBN: 0917578260
ISBN: 0917578279

Websites: www.softcom.net/users/greebo/price.htm www.lewpaxtonprice.us

This series of small books is called BEHIND LIGHT'S ILLUSION.   It was written by Lew Price for the educated layman and explains the principle that unifies the forces of our universe.   The theory was developed by Lew Price and Mart Gibson in the course of approximately 36 years and is succinct, cohesive, and extremely logical.

Each little book contains about 60 pages of prose, illustrations, and algebra.   Calculus is not used.   The concepts can be visualized and are not at all like the almost incomprehensible fantasies of currently accepted physics.   There are no million-dollar words except those found in accepted texts and these are translated as clearly as possible.   The intent of the writing is to communicate rather than to obscure the subject in an effort to impress the reader with the vocabulary of the author.

Although this theory is actually about dynamic ether, it is called "nether theory" because "ether" was a 19th century concept given the original property of being static (unmoving in relation to the earth) with qualities quite unlike the reality.   This connotation still exists in the minds of many people.   In Greek myth, nether is the underlying substance, so it seemed to be an appropriate name.   The books in the series should be read in their numbered order for maximum comprehension

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by Frank M. Meno

Pages: 367
Publisher: Aetherpress, Pittsburgh, PA
Year: 2000
ISBN: 0967971209
ISBN: 978-0967971209

Websites: www.gyrons.net

This book discloses the latest findings and ideas in science, while challenging present-day physics. It also advances the hypothesis that DNA determines not only one's physical constitution, but that it also dominates our personality.

It contains a brief history of science, analyzes objectively the impact of advanced technology on society, and suggests a course that would enable us to benefit from the advances, instead of being harmed by them.

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by Paul Wesley

Pages: 366
Publisher: Benjamin Wesley
Year: 1996
ISBN: 3980094251

Classical Quantum Theory is based upon classical wave theory, where the motion of a point quantum particles is prescribed by the Poynting vector. Standing waves yield bound particle motion along closed paths with quantized constants of the motion. Quantum, or wave, behavior is an ensemble phenomenon. Interference requires many particles. Interference disappears for low enough intensity. Claims of observing single-particle self interference are not justified. The orthodox Copenhagen quantum mechanics is about to fail conceptually and experimentally in numerous ways. The "uncertainty principle" fails by many orders of magnitude to fit actual observations. The claim of Aspect et al of observing a violation of Bell?s inequality is fraudulent; unwanted data is discarded and an impossible 100% single-photon detection efficiency is assumed. Sources radiate as infrequent bursts of many photons lasting the coherence time, which explains low intensity interference, natural line widths, and the Brown-Twiss effect. Photons do not travel both down and back in the arms of Michelson?s interferometer; so no conclusions can be drawn about the energy velocity of light from the Michelson-Morley result. The observed oneway energy velocity of light depends upon the velocity of the observer. Neglecting the absolute velocity of the observer leads to imprecision in the US Global Positioning Satellite System, in the synchronization of clocks around the world, and in the value of c found in the tables. Hoek?s experiment shows that photons in a moving medium propagate with the velocity c between atoms and remain attached to the atoms for a fixed time delay; there is no ether drag. The Maxwell theory is a limited inadequate theory that fails many experimental tests. Weber electrodynamics is excellent in predicting slowly varying effects; but it fails for rapidly varying effects. An empirically correct electrodynamics valid for both slow and rapidly varying effects is derived by writing the Weber theory in terms of fields and introducing time retardation. The Aharonov-Bohm effect is shown to be due to the ordinary classical macroscopic electrodynamic force of motional induction, where the magnetic field can remain identically zero.

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by Michael J. Kelly

Pages: 80
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Year: 2006
ISBN: 1412029015
ISBN: 978-1412029018

This coherent new theory gives a completely new and simple understanding of the universe and explains how a not too distant geo-magnetic reversal has catastrophic consequences for us all.

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by Josef Tsau

Pages: 129
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Year: 2005
ISBN: 074142830X
ISBN: 978-0741428301

The author discovered that the atmosphere of neutrinos is the aether scientists have searched for centuries. He further discovered a brand new physics of both universal phenomena and cosmology, which is the subject of this book. However, the no-aether theory (of relativity) of Einsteins-based modern physics and modern cosmology have been the only officially accepted science over the past century. The two sciences however contradict to each other and one of them must be wrong.

Either no-aether or having-aether is the only real science, not both. The book offers conclusive scientific evidence to prove that the newly discovered aether science is the only real science. After all, if Einstein was correct, aether and its science should never been found.

The new aether science given in this book therefore has joined the Galileo physics of mechanics to become the fundamental nature science for all.  

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by Dale Pond

Pages: 110
Publisher: Delta Spectrum Research
Year: 1997

Websites: www.svpvril.com

Dale Pond's  new book bringing the spiritual aspects of gold, silver and platinum into focus as colloids and vibrational influences and aids to the human Mind, Body and Spirit. This investigation substantiates the theoretical premise that humans may be "as Gods" (ala ancient God-men) if the given qualities of these metals were appropriately applied to the body, mind and spirit. The text explains the workings of the Cayce Wet Cell appliance as a vibratory therapeutic device. There is substantial discussion of the vibratory (alchemical and etheric) aspects of gold, silver and platinum and their vibratory effects on the human body, mind and spirit.  Rarely have so many levels or dimensions of a subject been so well considered. Amply illustrated.

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by Dale Pond

Pages: 184
Publisher: Delta Spectrum Research
Year: 1998

Websites: www.svpvril.com

Volume 2 of Dynaspheric Force, a monthly newsletter, presenting theoretical and applied Sympathetic Vibratory Physics as applied to musical dynaspheres. This publication is focused around the current and on-going research and development of new models of Keely's Musical Dynasphere. Each issue has articles covering the development and on-going research into the vibratory physics used in this unique and beautiful scientific instrument. This volume contains all 12 original issues (from 6/97-5/98) each containing a wealth of images, pictures and information. 8.5" X 11"  To view index of articles: http://www.svpvril.com/DFindxv1.html

View count: 1
by Dale Pond

Pages: 138
Publisher: Delta Spectrum Research
Year: 1997

Websites: www.svpvril.com

Volume I of Dynaspheric Force, a monthly newsletter,  (contains all 12 original issues from 6/96-5/97) presenting theoretical and applied Sympathetic Vibratory Physics as applied to musical dynaspheres. This publication is focused around the current and on-going research and development of new models of Keely's Musical Dynasphere. Each issue has articles covering the development and on-going research into the vibratory physics used in this unique and beautiful scientific instrument. This volume contains all 12 original issues (from 6/96-5/97) each containing a wealth of images, pictures and information. 8.5" X 11"  To view index of articles: http://www.svpvril.com/DFindxv1.html

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by Ludwig Kostro

Pages: 242
Publisher: C. Roy Keys Inc. (Apeiron)
Year: 2000
ISBN: 0968368948
ISBN: 978-0968368947

Although Einstein is widely credited with abolishing the ether concept, he actually introduced a new relativistic ether in 1916, developing the idea in his later works. This book tells the story of Einstein and the rebirth of the ether. The author recounts how Einstein came to reject the 19th century ether, and describes the three relativistic ether models developed by Einstein after he introduced general relativity. Finally, it describes Einstein?s treatment of spacetime as a material entity?a ?new ether?.

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by Sid Deutsch

Pages: 175
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0595374816
ISBN: 978-0595374816

Websites: www.siddeutsch.org

If a child wants proof, we can think of 10 different ways to show that we are surrounded by air, but we are, of course, normally unaware that we live at the bottom of an ?ocean? of air. It is claimed, in this book, that we are unaware, similarly, that we are surrounded by an atmosphere of aether. There is one major difference, however: We have not been able to detect the aether.

Nevertheless, the aether provides a solution to the following mystery: How can light, or any electromagnetic wave, travel for billions of years across the vastness of the Universe, without losing any energy? The answer is that the Universe is filled with a light-transmitting medium, The Aether. The proof that there is an aether is the subject of the present book.

An intriguing?exploration of a fringe scientific theory. Luminiferous aether?or "light-bearing aether," a theory first postulated by Isaac Newton in the 18th century, later refined by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th century and ultimately replaced by Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity?is most simply defined as the medium for the propagation of light. According to Deutsch, Einstein possessed the computational justification for the presumed existence of the aether, but decided to discard the principle since it was too cumbersome to work through to its logical conclusion. The author cites many landmark experiments, as well as countless algebraic equations and diagrams? May interest those well versed in high-level physics. - Back cover

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by Oliver J. Lodge

Pages: 179
Publisher: George H. Doran Company / Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.
Year: 1925/1930/2006
ISBN: B00089H8BC
ISBN: 1430441844
ISBN: 978-1430441847

Websites: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Lodge

A series of discourses on the many functions of the ether of space. in this volume, Sir Oliver explains for the layman the functions of the ether of space and emphasizes its importance in the understanding of the physical universe. The author further hints that life and mind make use of the ether and that a knowledge of its properties must be essential to the philosopher. Contents: ether and its vibrations; fundamental notions about an ether; on waves; ether as transmitter of force; action at a distance; electricity and its action across space; magnetism; electromagnetism; matter as one of the forms of ether energy; life and mind and their use of the ether.

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by Carl Frederick Krafft

Pages: 117
Publisher: Dietz Printing Company
Year: 1945

The hypothesis of Hydromechanical Ether, classic versus Einsteinian Relativity, The Red Shift, Gravitation, The Constitution of the Sun and Stars, Electromagnetism, Theories of Atomic Structure, Introduction to the Vortex Atom, Vortex Atom Structures, The Heavier Elements, and Living Matter.

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by Michael C. Duffy, Joseph Levy

Pages: 438
Publisher: PD Publications, Liverpool, UK
Year: 2008
ISBN: 1873694105

Websites: www.physicsfoundations.org

Researches undertaken during the last 20 years have confirmed that space possesses physical properties even where it is devoid of ordinary matter. In addition to the well known properties of permittivity, permeability and the ability to transmit electromagnetic waves, other features have been more recently associated with the nature of space. These include the Casimir Effect and a significant amount of energy. This medium, devoid of any trace of ordinary matter, is usually referred to as "Physical Vacuum", "Plenum" or "Cosmic Substratum" along with other appellations. Despite the veil of equivalent terms, these names obviously refer to the Ether, a medium conceived in antiquity, which received much attention from Science between the 17th and early 20th centuries. Today it is commonly understood throughout the academic community that Einstein excluded once and for all the ether from modern physics with his Special Theory of 1905. There is a widespread, unjustified assumption that ether is conceptually incompatible with Relativity, though Einstein developed an equivalent concept in the context of the General Theory and his later work. We may add that Einstein?s ether concept has inspired many modern physicists though others follow another direction of thought. The aim of this first volume of papers is to examine the different paths by which the modern ether concept has been developed and to highlight the part it plays in major departments of 21st C physics. The evidence for its existence is reviewed, and it is hoped, widespread misconceptions concerning ether are corrected. It is anticipated that the emerging modern concept of ether will play a fundamental part in the development of 21st C physical science. - Back cover

A book dealing with experimental and theoretical studies devoted to the exploration of the modern ether concept, evidence of its reality and implications for modern physics.

  -5- Editor's Foreword
  -7- Introduction
-13- Ether as a Disclosing Model, Michael C. Duffy
-47- Einstein's New Ether 1916-1955, Ludwik Kostro
-69- Basic Concepts for a Fundamental Aether Theory, Joseph Levy
-125- Aether Theory and the Principle of Relativity, Joseph Levy
-139- Ether Theory of Gravitation, Why and How, Mayeul Arminjon, Laboratoire Sols, Solides, Structures, Risques, CNRS & Universite de Grenoble, BP 53, F-38041, Grenoble Cedex 9 France
-203- A Dust Universe Solution to the Dark Energy Problem, James G. Gilson, school of mathematical sciences, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E14NS, United Kingdom E-mail: j.g.gilson@qmul.ac.uk
-217- Eddington Ether and Number, Raul A. Simon, LAMB, Santiago Chile
-257- The dynamical Space-time as a Field Configuration in a Background Space-time, A. N. Petrov, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri,-Columbia, Columbia MO 65211, USA and Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Universitetskii pr., 13 Moskow 119992 Russia E-mail: anpetrov@rol.ru
-305- Locality and Electromagnetic Momentum in Critical Tests of Special Relativity, Gianfranco Spavieri, Jesus Quintero, Arturo Sanchez, Jose Ayazo, & Georges T. Gillies, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia, PO Box 400746, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904, USA E-mail: gtg@Virginia.edu
-357- Correlations Leading to Space-time Structure in an Ether, J. E. Carroll, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, CB2 1PZ, United Kingdom, E.mail: jec1000@cam.ac.u
-407- Reasons for Gravitational Mass and the Problem of Quantum Gravity, Volodymyr Krasnoholovets

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by Rolf Schaffranke

Pages: 108
Publisher: Rho Sigma / Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 1977/1986/1996
ISBN: 0932813348
ISBN: 978-0932813343

Rho Sigma's classic book on Anti-Gravity and Free Energy is back in print!  First published in 1977, this ground-breaking book delves into the Internationla efforts at gravity control and discoid craft propulsion.  Before the Quantum Field was the "Ether."  In the Quantum Field or Ether Field of Physics, energy is all around us.  Energy can theoretically be drawn from a Unified Field of Magnetism, Electricity and Gravity to propel a spacecraft through space.  Rho Sigma explains how the technology already exists to control gravity and takes us throu8gh the world of Ether-Vortex-Turbines, T. Townsend Brown, Searl Discs, Electric Wind, German anti-gravity research, and more.  Rho Sigma also delves inot prophecies of coming earthchanges and how "Ether Technology" may help in this period of change.  Former astronaut Capt. Edgar D. Mitchell, Ph. D. has written the forward to the book, "A Change of Conciousness."  Don't miss this informative book on the "New Science" that is sweeping the world! - back cover

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by Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa

Pages: 404
Publisher: Akronos Publishing
Year: 2004 2nd ed.
ISBN: 0968906001

Websites: www.aetherometry.com www.aetherenergy.com

In this fascinating, seminal work, the Canadian biophysicists Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa provide a step-by-step exposition of their path-breaking discovery and investigation of the nature and structure of massfree energy. It is a book for all who have a serious interest in understanding nature. The first volume focuses on the discovery and study of the kinetoregenerative action of massfree energy (specifically, its 'latent heat' component) in slowing down, or arresting, the spontaneous discharge of electroscopes, as well as the role of this energy in producing the thermal anomalies observable with certain metal enclosures.

This First Volume of Experimental Aetherometry provides, for the first time in the history of science and with new methodologies, a solid, in-depth study and analysis of the thermal and electroscopic anomalies originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich, and described by him as demonstrations of the benign effect of special enclosures that he called orgone accumulators (ORACs). The thermal anomaly is characterized by a constant positive temperature difference between the space at the top of the inner metallic layer of an ORAC and the surrounding atmosphere. The electroscopic anomaly is characterized by the fact that charged electroscopes discharge more slowly inside an ORAC than outside of it.

In the course of this exploration of the two fundamental ORAC phenomena, the Correas verify the two basic anomalies proposed by Reich, reproduce the Reich-Einstein experiment with a Faraday cage under stringent conditions and with novel controls, propose a new treatment of the electric and nonelectric (gravitational) interactions of massbound charges trapped in the conduction band of metals, examine the behavior of atmospheric electroscopes with respect to meteorological and geophysical functions, demonstrate electroscopic arrest induced by the midday Sun, introduce a novel experimental model for the charging of electroscopes, identify the distinctive electroscopic response of living systems, determine the blackbody spectra of ORACs, optimize the ORACs' production of anomalous sensible and latent heats, show how the slowing down of the electroscopic discharge by ORACs occurs independently from the polarity of the charged electroscope and often reaches complete arrest of the discharge, create a novel method to determine the latent heat accumulated inside ORACs, and discuss the problems with the fundamental concepts of orgonometry.

For those interested in new physics or the physics of the massfree Aether, this is an indispensable, ground-breaking publication that lays down some of the most fundamental tools of the new science of Aetherometry.

Reviews of Experimental

View count: 1
by Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa

Pages: 265
Publisher: Akronos Publishing
Year: 2004
ISBN: 096890601X

Websites: www.aetherometry.com www.aetherenergy.com

In volume 2A of their ground-breaking work, Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa embark on an experimental journey of discovery of ambipolar radiation. This leads them from a re-examination of the photo-electric effect, to a new model of the photon, and the differentiation of two types of electricity: massbound (or monopolar), and massfree (or ambipolar).

This first part of the Second Volume of Experimental Aetherometry lays the foundations for the discovery of a new form of energy - longitudinal massfree ambipolar radiation - that has, for over a century and until this work, been thoroughly confused with electromagnetism, eluding analytical isolation by the methodology of accepted physical theory.

The Volume opens up with the Correas' discovery of the photo-induced arrest of the spontaneous electroscopic discharge. This is a stunning confirmation of the Correas' proposed distinction between two different types of blackbody photons, with very different physical, chemical and biological effects. By applying the novel methodologies they pioneered to the allotropic cycle of the terrestrial atmosphere, the authors lay the basic groundwork for the new discipline of "aetherochemistry", and distinguish it from both radiochemistry and photochemistry. They also balance, for the first time, the enthalpy of the atmospheric cycle of ozone, oxygen and water. At the core of the present Volume, the reader will be engaged by an entirely novel physico-mathematical investigation of the relations between the electromagnetic field, the gravitational field, and the two main forms (electric and nonelectric) of the dynamic Aether - ambipolar radiation ("Dark energy") and latent heat. This leads to a surprising encounter between aetherometric science and natural philosophy (the thoughts of Spinoza, Leibniz and Deleuze in particular) on the one hand, and to a new, unsuspected conjunction between the natural researches of Tesla and Reich, on the other. An initial approach is also made to redefining the basic functions of the theory of electricity. The role of secondary superimposition of aether energy in the creation of Matter, and its essential functions in the generation of the gravitational field, in aetherochemical cycles, in emission phenomena and in the electroscopic kinetoregenerative phenomenon, are also introduced, along with their conventional or experimental evidence.

The Volume ends with a long study which, for the first time, physically and analytically identifies Tesla radiation as massfree, longitudinal, ambipolar energy, and links up with the problematics of Reich's investigations of orgone energy using radiation counters, Tesla coils and antennas. The findings clearly demonstrate that what Reich meant by massfree orgone energy (and, also, by DOR energy) can only be identical to what Tesla meant by longitudinal electric wave energy or Aetherometry means by ambipolar radiation. However, the experimental and analytical tools that both Reich and Tesla lacked and sorely needed to establish the distinct reality of this energy could never have come to fruition other than through Aetherometry and its box of tools. This will lead, in the next Volume, to the complete identification of the ambipolar continuum and its spectra, along with a complete physico-mathematical treatment of massfree ambipolar energy.

View count: 1
by Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa

Pages: 343
Publisher: Akronos Publishing
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0968906036

Websites: www.aetherometry.com www.aetherenergy.com

This book, the first part of a two-volume publication on the Aether Motor/Converter, is dedicated to the investigation and reproduction of - and improvement upon - both the work of Nikola Tesla in his search for an Aether Motor, and Wilhelm Reich's discovery and invention of the Orgone Motor in 1947-1948. Reich's quest took its point of departure, in large measure, from where Tesla had left the quest he had initiated.

In the second volume of this series, the Correas go beyond the principles of the Orgone Motor to develop a full Aether Motor/Converter. These two books are also part of the journey of Experimental Aetherometry (constituting volumes IIIA and IIIB of the series of that title), and mark the moment of its technological culmination. They present the reader with a new technology - the power technology of massfree energy - that employs both forms of the primary Aether, electric and nonelectric: ambipolar (Tesla) energy and latent heat. A comprehensive index of both works is scheduled to accompany the release of the second volume.

In the present volume, the Correas present the main principles behind the Aether Motor/Converter. In broad terms, these concern: operation of resonant ambipolar transmitters; the decoding and identification of Reich's secret Function Y that served as key to operating the Orgone Motor; the receiver circuit required to magnify the transmission and convert latent heat into ambipolar electricity; and the plasma and plasma-less methods employed to drive drag-cup motors and Reich's Spinners - KS-8624 and KS-9154 - or to charge batteries and capacitors. Included also is the extraordinary history of these KS-series motors and their special applications.

This book marks the beginning of a new age in science and technology - the age of massfree energy. It has been long in coming - but, at last, our epoch may be able to begin to understand and utilize intelligently the work of those two pioneers who laid the foundations for massfree science and technology: Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich. May these volumes stand as a tribute to both of them, to their perseverance and to the finest of perceptive intelligences.

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by Joseph Levy

Pages: 94
Publisher: Apeiron
Year: 2003
ISBN: 0973291117
ISBN: 978-0973291117

Websites: www.levynewphysics.com

Assuming the existence of a fundamental aether frame and the anisotropy of the one-way speed of light in the Earth frame, two facts supported by theoretical arguments and repeatedly confirmed today by experiment, J. Levy derives a set of space-time transformations that are more general than the Lorentz-Poincar? transformations. The implications for fundamental physics are shown to be far-reaching.

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by Daniel R. Athearn

Pages: 156
Publisher: Universal Publishers
Year: 2003
ISBN: 1581125658
ISBN: 978-1581125658

This book argues that physics is destined to enter a new era marked by an enlarged conception of physical knowledge. This is not a matter of future discoveries, but has to do with how scientific thought responds over time to what is known today. In the new era a genuinely explanatory dimension is restored to physical science which in the current era of thought is quietly abandoned as archaic.

The current view is that for a certain class of phenomena, physical explanations in the sense of descriptions of underlying causal processes are no longer possible. It is assumed that the general demise of classical materialistic causal models (such as the theory of ether as an all-pervading material medium of light propagation) consigns this kind of theorizing to history. This book fully accepts the breakdown of classical causal models, but not the inference that causal explanation itself is outmoded. Instead, it claims that the demise of classical assumptions opens the door on a prospect of thorough causal-physical intelligibility such as was never foreseeable within the classical worldview. Written with the inquisitive and critically- minded layperson in mind, the book describes findings across the major facets of contemporary physics as all pointing to the same conclusion about the nature of physical reality.

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by Jerry G. Gallimore

Pages: 468
Publisher: Mokelumne Hill Press / Society of Metaphysicians Ltd
Year: 1976/1987/1999
ISBN: 0787311707
ISBN: 978-0787311704
ISBN: 1858102952
ISBN: 978-1858102955
ISBN: 1852286180

This handbook is an excellent synthesis of ideas and research into the unusual energy behind Radionics, from the Baron von Reichenbach to Wilhelm Reich and a host of others. Full of charts and diagrams, this is an invaluable research tool. Chapters include: Biological life fields, Bioplasma Monitors, Radiation Detection Stimulus, The Ether as a Carrier, Radio-Vision, Pyramids, High Frequency, Radio Waves and Life, Project Hermes.
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