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New Energy

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by Patrick G. Bailey, Toby Grotz

Year: 1993
ISBN: 0841227725

A summary review is presented of the experiments, motors, generators, devices, and demonstrations that have been reported in the past few years to produce near-unity or over-unity operation. The concepts of free-energy, zero-point energy, and over-unity devices are not new, and many examples of such devices have been built within the last 100 years. 26 researchers are reviewed and 11 are selected for immediate interest and support. Whether a new form of potential energy can be demonstrated and successfully utilized within the near future for the ultimate benefit of the human race remains to be seen.

Reprinted from: 28th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (28 IECEC) Proceedings, August 8-13, 1993, Atlanta, GA, V2, pp. 905-910.

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by Jeane L. Manning, Joel A. Garbon

Pages: 272
Publisher: Jeane Manning
Year: 2008
ISBN: 0981054307
ISBN: 978-0981054308

Websites: www.breakthroughpower.net

Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World is a reader-friendly book for introducing revolutionary clean energy systems, Tesla devices and other zero-pollution prospects for sourcing nearly free energy.

Alternative energy abundance is humankind?s birthright, according to scientists interviewed for Breakthrough Power. They point out the rich variety of clean energy inventions that the public usually doesn?t hear about. Yet these topics directly relate to both climate change and the world economy and humanitarian projects.

For instance, when the human family realizes that oil wars and polluting nuclear power plants are unnecessary, tremendous financial resources can be freed for planetary cleanup, social justice and local prosperity.

Just in time for gift-giving, this long-awaited book provides hope for the future -- along with realistic reasons why we, the people, must help ?free the energy revolution.?

With compelling stories of brave innovators and their various breakthroughs that can replace coal and other polluting fuels, it makes the case for open-sourcing clean-energy inventions. The book explains how even ?non-techies? can envision and therefore help manifest a higher civilization assisted by energy abundance. It?s an easy-to-read wealth of information and illustrative stories.

Manning is the author of the internationally recognized book The Coming Energy Revolution (1996), and co-author of Angels Don?t Play This HAARP (1995). Garbon, a science consultant to industry, is president of The New Energy MovementBreakthrough Power is a profound gift to give to people of all ages who want a more harmonious world.

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by Thomas F. Valone

Publisher: Integrity Research Institute / Amazon Digital Services
Year: 2002

Websites: www.integrity-research.org

This Study is a comprehensive assessment of the cumulative public impact of the National Energy Policy (NEP) and the general reaction to it. It surveys reports from government, organizations, media, and industry to obtain an across-the-board sampling of NEP-related feedback. The pages where corresponding information is contained on the subject are parenthetically indicated. In order of priority, the major findings regarding public reaction to the NEP indicate: 1) The NEP relies upon ?has-been? energy technology that hampers rather than helps the U.S. economy. No new solutions, except the supply-side drilling in the pristine ANWR, a study of renewables and the grid, along with an impossible schedule of erecting 2 new power plants per week, is generally viewed as a desperate act of the ?has-been? NEP (p. 30). (#2 - #5 of the Executive Summary are contained in the first few pages of the Study)

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by Hal Fox

Publisher: Fusion Information Center
Year: 1992
ISBN: 0963497804
ISBN: 978-0963497802

The book comes with a DOS diskette containing the bibliographic collection of the author, and a search program to access it. The book does not describe the technical details of cold fusion but rather the implications to energy policy, commerce, environment, agriculture, transportation and education. There is a short list of some key patents and a short reading list. There is a chapter on "enhanced energy technology", including the Meyer car, the Shoulders "electrum validum" invention, and a discussion of zero point energy devices. - Dieter Britz

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by Talbot A. Chubb

Pages: 76
Year: 2008

This book, written with the layperson in mind, describes experiments that convince the author that cold fusion is real and consistent with the way matter behaves in metals and semiconductors.

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by Larry Spring

Pages: 900+
Publisher: Larry Spring
Year: 1993
ISBN: TXU 220 428
ISBN: TX1 851 021
ISBN: TX2 036 834

Websites: www.larryspring.com

Common Sense Physics is the result of 50+ years of experimentation and observations of radio waves. Larry?s straightforward analysis is supported by personal observations and experiments?experiments easily reproducible by others. He establishes the concept of the magnetic sphere with his early experiments in which he determined electromagnetism is neither waves nor particle.

Larry Spring boldly examines the laws of physics, energy in space, magnets, monopoles and describes his atomic theory in detail. Later heat and its properties as an electromagnetic phenomena is examined. Logical physics, lines of force,and gravity are discussed. The concept of the eye?s retina as an antenna array introduced.

As an electrical engineer, I appreciate the ingenuity and practicality of this book which all physicists should study! Every EE student should have one amongst his textbook, as Larry physically demonstrates each of the laws and concepts that we studied theoretically in school. Seeing it is certainly easier than imagining it, and with Larry's method, you can readily see all of the principles fall into place.

Written and illustrated by Larry Spring, 11 by 8 ? inches, approx 500 pages.  Approx 700 out of 2500 editions left. A collection of Larry Spring's earlier self published books bound together in one volume.  This volume preserves the trail that led Larry to Magnespheres & the Spring Atom.


  1. My Electromagnetic Spherical Theory and My Experiments to Prove It
  2. Electromagnetic Heat
  3. Electromagnetic Sea In Which We Live
  4. Now I See, a Continuation of Electromagnetic Observations
  5. Electromagnetic Forces

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by Arnold G. Gulko

Pages: 96
Publisher: Vortex Unlimited
Year: 1986

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by Bruce E. DePalma

Publisher: J. Nayer Hardin

Websites: www.computerhealth.org/depalma.htm

DePalma, Free Energy & The N-Machine is a compilation of papers and the Patent Application by Bruce DePalma, Inventor of the N-Machine which, with a Faraday Motor, uses magnets and brushes to pull electricity from the matter surrounding us.

DePalma quotes Tesla's wisdom.  From Where Electrical Science Went Wrong:

 "It is characteristic of fundamental discoveries, of great achievements of the intellect, that they retain an undiminished power upon the imagination of the thinker. The memorable experiment of Faraday with a disc rotating between two poles of a magnet, which has borne such magnificent fruit, has long passed into every-day experience; yet there are certain features about this embryo of the present dynamos and motors which even today appear to us striking, and are worthy of the most careful study."

- Nicola Tesla, 1891, New York City, New York

The works of American inventor Bruce DePalma originally appeared in various papers published between the 1970's to the late 1990's.

Bruce DePalma graduated from M.I.T. in 1958. He attended graduate school in Electrical Engineering and Physics at M.I.T. and Harvard University. At M.I.T. he was a lecturer in Photographic Science in the Laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton and directed 3-D color photographic research for Dr. Edwin Land of Polaroid Corporation. He commenced his work in Free Energy through his studies on the gyroscope and the nature of motion.

DePalma's invention, the N-machine, is a free energy electrical generator in that he created in 1977-78. He is widely published. His scientific papers are available on the Internet. What makes this ebook unique is the logical presentation with links in the copy for further research.

Free energy is a subject that has sparked my imagination for awhile.  Back in 1985, I shared a computer renaissance center with Bernard Hirschenson and some other dear friends on West 55th Street in Manhattan.  While there, a man brought a script about the life of Nicholas Tesla.  In that script there was a scene where Tesla and Edison were arguing.  Edison wanted to charge for electricity.  Tesla asked why would one charge for electricity when it?s all around us, demonstrated by the many static shocks we all receive from time to time.  With the right equipment, that energy can be pulled from the air.  Like many great scripts in the 80?s and 90?s, it didn?t get made, but the story stuck with me.  Pull the energy from air?  Could it be done cleanly?  Safely?  Free? 

?The availability of free energy from as simple an experiment as colliding a rotating object with a non-rotating one opens up the development of other machines for energy extraction and propulsion...? (Gravity and the Spinning Ball Experiment)  The extra, free energy is ?achieved by the balancing of equal and opposing similarly derived forces.? (The Secret of the Force Machine)  Bruce DePalma?s N-Machine uses spinning rare earth magnets and brushes to create electricity to run cars, homes, etc.  The N-Machine with a Faraday Motor is a way to pull that extra free energy.  Nick Tesla said it could be done.  DePalma did it.  So have others.

The U.S. government financed the Super Collider yet would not let DePalma use his N-Machine to power his home.  He was self published, and a maverick in traditional physics.

With Introduction by: David Crockett Williams.

Author review

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by Hideo Kozima

Publisher: Ohtake Shuppan Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
Year: 1998

Originally published in Japanese, 1997. (Contact ootake@dh.mbn.or.jp)

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by Adolf Schneider, Inge Schneider

Pages: 384
Publisher: Jupiter-Verlag
Year: 2000
ISBN: 3906571173

Energy from Space: The Secret of a New Energy Source

11 Kap.: Drahtlose Ubertragung von Skalarwellen durch Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl, S. 312-324

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by Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats

Pages: 160
Publisher: Gateway
Year: 2001
ISBN: 1858600618
ISBN: 978-1858600611

Nature produces energy by slow, cool, implosive means - by a centripetal inward motion, while our present culture uses explosive centrifugal (outwards) movement, which is wasteful and many times less powerful and effective. It also uses up the Earth's resources and pollutes her ecosystems. This volume describes different kinds of energy machines which depend on the principle of implosion: - a spring water-producing machine - a tornado home energy generator - a Klimator which produces mountain-quality air - the biotechnical submarine - a technique for producing power from ocean deeps - a flying saucer prototype which rose at fantastic speed to high altitudes - a perpetual motion suction-based implosion machine Other books by Viktor Schauberger The Fertile Earth Nature as Teacher The Water Wizard.

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by Tom Bearden

Pages: 977
Publisher: Cheniere Press
Year: 2002/2004
ISBN: 0972514600

Websites: www.cheniere.org/books/efv/toc.htm

Energy from the Vacuum is the culmination of 30 years of original thinking and looking with fresh eyes at concepts that are presently considered to be foundations of science?a process of on-going analysis long ago recommended by Albert Einstein. Dr. Bearden?s findings are good news, for his theories point the way to the extraction and harnessing of inexhaustible clean energy from the vacuum.

With the development and ubiquitous deployment of free-energy mechanisms, the strategic vulnerabilities of centralized power systems can be eradicated, and the run-away degradation of the biosphere reversed.  And there is suddenly a viable antidote for the perpetual poverty of under-developed nations.

Also contained in this book are the true stories of inventors who, over the past 150 years, have pioneered some of these processes?and their secrets. Dr. Bearden rigorously analyzes more than 40 embodiments that can produce this free energy, including some capable of investigation at the high-school level.

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by Carol White

Pages: 305
Publisher: Campaigner Publications
Year: 1977
ISBN: 091838804X
ISBN: 978-0918388049

with Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism and A Contribution to Electrodynamics (1876) by Bernhard Riemann, translated from the German by James J. Cleary, Jr.

A penetrating historical analysis of the development of electromagnetic theory.  It has pungent criticisms of the way in which standard textbooks have assigned credit for priorities and conceptual contributions. - Dr. Winston H. Bostick

An invaluable introduction to the physical theory of electricity and magnetism from the viewpoint of its historical development.  It is a refreshing attempt to seek a novel interpretation of the concepts of energy and nonlinearity through the self-organizing tendency of electrodynamic systems.  I strongly recommend this book to both laymen and students for its imaginative and provocative treatment - Dr. Frederick Tappert

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by Harold Aspden

Pages: 600
Publisher: Sabberton Publications
Year: 1997
ISBN: 0850560179
ISBN: 0850560233
ISBN: 0850560195
ISBN: 0850560209
ISBN: 0850560217

Websites: www.aspden.org peswiki.com/index.php/PowerPedia:Harold_Aspden

These are ten Energy Science Reports by Dr. Harold Aspden, as published between 1994 and 1997. They were, until June 2003, available for purchase but are no longer in print for that purpose. The full version of the reports, which are listed and referenced (see links below) and described by the abstracts in the bibliographic section of this website, are now also of record on this website and may be inspected by using the link included in the relevant abstract.  The ten reports are:

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by Henry Oman

Pages: 400
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year: 1986
ISBN: 0132772949
ISBN: 978-0132772945

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by Dan A. Davidson

Pages: 121
Publisher: Rivas Publishing
Year: 1989
ISBN: 0962632104
ISBN: 978-0962632105

Websites: keelynet.com/davidson/books.htm

The ideas of "Free Energy" are fast becoming a reality to a small body of dedicated researchers who have discovered new and rediscovered old methods of tapping into the free energy structure of the universe. All the major world powers are quietly working on free energy concepts. Free energy research is alive and well in the USA., Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Russia. Evidence is mounting that free energy is a very big reality and new theories are being propounded as well as old theories being dusted off and revamped.

The research contained in Mr. Davidsons book would be of interest to anyone interested in energy and finding out about these startling new yet old concepts. The book contains a plethora of good hard facts that are an excellent source to those interested in free energy whether from an armchair physicist or laboratory experimenter point of view. The book covers the free energy researchers back as far as 1680 with such noted devices as Johann Bessler's magical wheel, Keely's aetheric disintegrator, Moray's radiant energy device, Tesla's ideas and many others.

John Keely's aerial propeller (anti-gravity device), and verification of the frequencies to break down water to sub-atomic levels are discussed in great detail. Also included is an interesting chapter on energy from shape power. Another chapter is on Walter Schauberger's 100,000 watt Zokwendle. New light on T. Henry Moray's radiant energy device that was demonstrated to output 60 kilowatts directly from the cosmic rays.

Free energy from whistlers is discussed in detail with the actual patent drawings depicting the techniques to tap enough energy to run a house or automobile. There are also chapters on magnetic motors, orgone energy and detailed histories of the various free energy inventors and how they were suppressed and stopped from putting out their breakthrough inventions.

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by Dan A. Davidson

Publisher: Rivas Publishing

Websites: keelynet.com/davidson/books.htm

Contains Mr. Davidson's paper given at the 1992 International Tesla Symposium on "Electrostatics - A Key to Free Energy". The paper elucidates Mr. Davidson's latest research on free energy and anti- gravity. Actual verification by Mr. Davidson of the Townsend Brown effect is discussed.

His research into the HYDE free energy patent and a preliminary verification of the high voltage spikes that HYDE claimed were part of his discoveries. Also included in the book is a reprint of Professor Sanford's book "A physical Theory of Electrification", published in 1910, which is a derivation of the laws of electrostatics from the standpoint of the aether. It was a rare find and provides exciting views into aether theory not found anywhere else.

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by Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa

Pages: 370
Publisher: Akronos Publishing
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0968906028

Websites: www.aetherometry.com www.aetherenergy.com

The final part of the Second Volume of Experimental Aetherometry ushers in a Massfree Revolution in Physics. It is the enunciation of an energy-based physics of immanence in the tradition of Spinoza and Leibniz; and it is also an intricate experimental journey that completes and unifies the pioneering work of Tesla and Reich - but goes well beyond them, into territories they could only dream of. The Correas demonstrate how Tesla was quite correct in proposing the existence of an electric Aether; how the anomaly that has been variously known as - Tesla waves, Tesla radiation, Tesla currents or longitudinal electricity - becomes seamlessly integrated, through a strict experimental and theoretical effort, into the properties of what the Correas call ambipolar radiation or massfree electricity. Through rigorous, original experiments, the Correas show how Reich's discoveries concerning massfree energy (OR and DOR) and its dual effect (thermal and electroscopic) upon Orgone Accumulators and Faraday cages are reproducible using ambipolar radiation sourced in the Sun or in induction coils. Thus, this book could as well be titled "The Re-Discovery of the ORgone as Tesla Waves" or "as Massfree Electricity". It is, in fact, the introductory compendium needed for understanding its follow-up, the Third Volume of Experimental Aetherometry on the Aether Motor and the Orgone Motor.

But the present volume goes well beyond rediscovery. It is the articulation of a new physics of electricity, for massbound and massfree charges. It lays the foundations for a novel electrodynamics. It proposes a radically different theory of electromagnetism, in particular blackbody photons and 'sunlight', and how these spectra are generated by the electric Aether. It gives new critical insights into the chemical structure and allotropic processes of the terrestrial atmosphere (formation of water, oxygen, hydrogen and ozone). Solar radiation is finally understood as massfree electric energy, and its spectrum is for the first time provided. Finally, this seminal work shatters the accepted cosmological and astrophysical interpretations of the microwave Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR), by way of (1) a new model for the creation of Matter from Dark Massfree Energy, (2) identification of the latter's cosmic spectrum (CBOR) and (3) an energy-based articulation of the Space and Time manifolds. In the words of the authors: "We challenge radioastronomers and NASA to determine whether or not we are correct in predicting radio CBRs from cosmological baryons (hydrogen and helium in particular) in extragalactic space".

Tesla was convinced that ambipolar radiation could not be reduced to fluxes of monopolar charges (massbound electricity) or to electromagnetic radiation, but he failed to adequately distinguish it from either of these. Likewise, Reich failed to provide the energy and frequency spectra of OR and DOR radiation or to concretely identify his concept of 'orgonotic charges' - which confusedly shared both electric and nonelectric characteristics. Before this groundbreaking work, no one had discovered the spectrum of massfree electric energy, described its characteristics, or studied its physical interactions. The present work does just this, by bringing its scientific methodology to bear upon both the strengths and the shortcomings of the approaches of Tesla and Reich, breaking the mythological stronghold that has surrounded them and which for so long has impeded a legitimate scientific understanding of their endeavors. For the first time, the spectrum of the electric Aether (Tesla waves), with its DOR and OR subspectra, is clearly identified - and so is the nature of massfree ambipolar energy. For these reasons, this volume could have been called "The Discovery of Massfree Electricity", were it not also the discovery of the nonelectric Aether - the latent energy of the continuum of Space and Time.

View count: 1
by Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa

Pages: 452
Publisher: Akronos Publishing
Year: 2004
ISBN: 1894840291

Websites: www.aetherometry.com www.aetherenergy.com

In the first of two volumes on the theory of aetherometric biophysics, the Correas lay the nanobiological foundations for the understanding of the interaction of massfree energy with bio-molecular processes. Highlights include a new model of system dynamics (order and entropy), a new electrochemical scale, a compelling argument for the multiple nanometric and molecular origins of Life, and an investigation into the bioenergetic role of fundamental biomolecules (DNA, RNA, globins, ATP, etc). Introduction by Dr. E. Mallove. A must read for all scientists and the lay public interested in science.

Could there be an intimate physical relationship between the molecular structure of DNA/RNA with its protein machinery, and the nanometric structure of the energies deployed by biological systems? What are these energies? Do they always bear mass? Are they always affected to mass? And what is the nature of that intimate physical relationship? What defines a biological system? Do disorder and entropy always increase in parallel? Does negentropy have a physical sense? Is there an energetic specificity to the living, or is biological specificity merely and solely molecular? Are there submolecular specificities to the living?

These insistent questions are fundamental problems of molecular and submolecular biology which the present book - Volume One of the Foundations Aetherometric Biophysics - addresses from an entirely novel perspective. The authors develop the aetherometric method and introduce the reader to its application in the nanometric domains of bioenergetic physics, biochemistry, systems theory, and molecular biology. What emerges is a very different view of Life and living systems than has been proposed by previous theories of Biology - be they stochastic, mechanistic, deterministic, or vitalistic, mystical or animistic. Even the topic of the submolecular properties of water is explored anew - well beyond present-day nanochemical understanding. From the massfree energy level, to the submolecular, the molecular and the cellular, Nanometric Functions of Bioenergy tracks the imprints of complex and subtle energies responsible for biological submolecular functions and the creation of structure on both micro and macro scales. Living systems may, at last, be analytically grasped in their functional complexity as systems capable of superimposing very different types and orders of energy, both electromagnetic and nonelectromagnetic, in polar regimes of assemblage - in short, as systems of superimposition, accumulation and interconversion of energy.

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by John Bedini, Tom Bearden

Pages: 183
Publisher: Cheniere Press
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0972514686
ISBN: 978-0972514682

Websites: www.cheniere.org/sales/online-store.htm www.icehouse.net/john34/bedinibearden.html

This book celebrates the twenty-year collaboration of energy activist John Bedini with conceptualist Tom Bearden, whose creative forces have been focused towards bringing a marketable, engineered, free-energy solution to publics throughout the world.  Free Energy Generation contains the ideation, theory and their latest joint patent for the generation of this energy from the vacuum.

View count: 1
by Donald A. Kelly

Year: 1990

View count: 1
by Eric P. Dollard

Pages: 28
Publisher: Borderland Sciences / Adventures Unlimited Press

Websites: www.borderlands.com

This new book contains conributions Eric has made to the Journal of Borderland Research. It contains the key to unlosk the Etheric aspects to Tesla technology. Includes: Functional Thinking- an Interview with Eric Dollard, The Transmission of Electricity, Understanding the Rotating Magnetic Field, Introduction to Dielectricity & Capacitance. It mentions Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and Eric's thoughts on magneto-dielectric energy (which manifests in golden mean ratio form, resembling organic living forms)

View count: 1
by Thomas F. Valone

Pages: 245
Publisher: Integrity Research Institute
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0964107031
ISBN: 978-0964107038

Websites: www.integrity-research.org

Anthology of breakthrough energy science papers from the First International Conference on Future Energy. Profusely illustrated, there are sixteen articles and an additional forty pages of slide presentations from the conference. Topics include: charge clusters in action, betavoltaic batteries, carbon arc gasification, release of chemical bond energy, zero point energy, free energy secrecy, new methods for nuclear reactions, speed of gravity, effective radioactive waste remediation, breakthrough power unit, wind energy, pulsed abnormal discharge, electric energy and the future, room temperature superconductors, casimir effect with vortex filaments, electrostatic motors, and advanced automotive. Discount coupon for CD-ROM version of COFE Proceedings with twenty (20) hours of digital audio lectures.

View count: 1
by Thomas F. Valone

Pages: 288
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 2002
ISBN: 1931882045
ISBN: 978-1931882040

Websites: www.integrity-research.org

This book presents, for the first time, the feasibility argument for Tesla's most ambitious dream, the wireless transmission of energy. See why Tesla's dream answers the energy crisis worldwide, saves electrical conversion losses, and provides a real alternative to transmission lines. Includes essays by experts in Tesla technology, selected Tesla patents, and FBI documents on Tesla. - Infinite Energy
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