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"Natural Philosophy" is the historic name we used before there was a "science" called physics. Philosophy looks at the rules and assumptions in life but it also applies to science.  The "Philosophy" of the physical world is called "Natural Philosophy".  Philosophy is very important to science and very neglected.  This area however is very ripe for study, discussion, and authorship on the subject.

Scientists (44)

Fort Myers FL
Engineer, Philosopher, Author, Investor
Electromagnetism, Nuclear Structure, Structure, Aether, Fine Structure Constant, Expanding Earth, Steady State Universe, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Mind, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Unificat
Los Altos CA
Research Scientist, President of the Institute for New Energy, Past Editor of the New Energy News
Advanced Energy Conversion Techniques and Devices
Solana Beach CA
Aerospace Engineering, inventor
Unification, Gravity, Quantum Mechanics, Physical Explanation of Physics

Books (36)