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by Steven R. Elswick

Pages: 99
Publisher: Exotic Research
Year: 1995

Websites: www.teslatech.info

It is with great trepidation that many people have looked at the HAARP program, which has it's foundation based on Tesla's greatest achievement... the Magnifying Transmitter. Inside these covers, Oliver Nichelson outlines how the Magnifying Transmitter could be used as a weapon... and that perhaps its destructive power may cost thousands their lives in a publicity stunt gone awry. His paper, Tesla's Long Range Weapon, the Tunguska Explosion of 1908, and Wireless Power not only reveals this shocking theory, but then goes on to support it with factual evidence. Shocking? yes... impossible?... NO!

As we approach the 21st century, many alternative researchers have created a new field of study... scalar electromagnetics. Tom Beardon, lays out the basic scalar theory and how it differs from traditional electromagnetics. Furthermore, in his paper, Tesla 's Electromagnetics and Its Soviet Weaponization, he outlines his theory with supporting documentation, that the Soviets have been working with scalar electromagnetics for decades and have developed weapons along the line of HAARP that have terrifying capabilities. The "guide" takes a serious look at some of the other "ionospheric studies" the military undertook in the past... including setting off atomic weapons in the atmosphere.

One of the claims about HAARP is related to weather control. Our chronology lays out events related to bizzarre weather, much of it intensified near the infamous GWEN sites. It appears that electromagnetic waves have more of an effect on our weather than anyone realized. This was the first book put together on HAARP. It has material... from historical perspectives to technical theoretical explanation on how this secret device works! Includes many source documents, the Eastland patents, articles, and more!!!

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by Jeane L. Manning, Nick Begich

Pages: 233
Publisher: Earthpulse Press
Year: 1995
ISBN: 0964881209
ISBN: 978-0964881204

Websites: www.changingpower.net teslatech.info/ttstore/books/310024.htm www.earthpulse.com/src/category.asp?catid=1

From a rural location in Alaska, controlled by "Big Oil", the US government is blasting billions of watts of high frequency microwave energy at our protective ionospheric shell which surrounds the earth. Their offical reason is "to see what it does". Several acres of Alaskan land have been dedicated to the construction of the HAARP array (you can actually find a picture of it online...)but it's real purpose runs from the practical (earth tomography (X-ray the earth to look for enemy submarines and secret underground bases)) through the hard to believe (transmission of electrical power without wires (Tesla's idea) through the insane (the complete disruption of global communications and mucking with weather patterns by shifting the jet stream).

This book is so well documented, often citing documents published by the US government itself, that it is absolutely convincing and frightening.  - Anthony G. Holland

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by Leland I. Anderson

Pages: 31
Publisher: Tesla Book Company

Websites: www.tfcbooks.com/mall/more/490tef.htm

Practically everyone has heard stories about this unusual electrical phenomenon.  While they have mystified people for hundreds of years, they can now be produced at will and researchers are beginning to zero in on their true nature.  This piece provides some background on the subject plus an overview of research which has resulted a few theories of the physics behind their creation.  Included is the previously unpublished Chapter 34 of Prodigal Genius titled "Tesla Tries to Prevent World War II.


Ball lightning, spherical plasmoids, foudre sph?rique, and kugelblitz are some of the names given to luminous spheres which are sometimes seen during lightning storms accompanying cloud-to-ground strokes.  Their reported size varies from that of a tennis ball to a basketball and persisting from a few to several seconds.  They bounce on the ground and sometimes float in air.  Published observations have appeared in the literature for 200 years, but an exact explanation of the mechanism of their formation is yet debated in the literature.  Some of the very early accounts have perhaps given rise to the current divergence of opinion about their properties.  One familiar early woodcut illustration shows a lightning fireball coming into a barn.

In 1883, Heinrich Hertz made an observation that every strong initial lightning discharge leaves a cloud which is luminous.  Maximilian Toepler, reporting on a detailed series of experiments and observations, also concluded that ball lightning is attributed to the formation of a conductive gas channel after an initial lightning stroke in which an invisible weak after current occurs.  At the point where a cloud-to-ground lightning discharge and a counter stroke from the ground meet, an afterglow in the form of ball lightning may occur.  The ball disappears when the supply of current ceases or when a second cloud-to-ground lightning discharge occurs.

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by Steven R. Elswick

Pages: 174
Publisher: Exotic Research
Year: 1995

Websites: www.teslatech.info

This collection of health-related articles edited by Steve Elswick were published in ExtraOrdinary Science, the official magazine of the Int'l Tesla Society. Included are articles on possible cures for cancer, light therapies, 714X, violet rays, Rife devices, and ways to alleviate the ill effects of modern living... the sick housing syndrome, electromagnetic radiation, aspartame, vaccinations, fluoridation ! A primer on suppressed alternative health issues, this is an excellent book to acquaint you with alternative technologies and the modern, everyday health hazards.

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by Thomas F. Valone

Pages: 240
Publisher: Integrity Research Instititue
Year: 2000
ISBN: 0964107058
ISBN: 978-0964107052

Websites: www.integrityresearchinstitute.org/Bioenergy/BEMsHealing.html
Read some of its content now

There are many bioelectromagnetic (BEM) devices re-emerging in the 21st century, based on high voltage Tesla coils, that apparently bring beneficial health improvements to human organisms. This book examines the Tesla coil class of therapy devices constitute pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) that deliver broadband, wide spectrum, nonthermal photons and electrons deep into biological tissue. The history and rationale for such therapy machines is reviewed. Electromedicine or electromagnetic medicine are the terms applied to such developments in the ELF, RF, IR, visible or UV band. With short term, non-contacting exposures of several minutes at a time, such high voltage Tesla PEMF devices may represent the ideal, noninvasive therapy of the future, accompanied by a surprising lack of harmful side effects. A biophysical rationale presented in this book for the benefits of BEM healing a wide variety of illnesses including cancer finds a correlation between a bioelectromagnetically restored potential, and the electron transport across cell membranes by electroporation, with normal cell metabolism and immune system enhancement. The century-long historical record of these devices is also traced, revealing questionable behavior from the medical and public health institutions toward such remarkable innovations. This report also reviews the highlights of several BEM inventions but does not attempt to present an exhaustive nor comprehensive review of bioelectromagnetic healing devices.

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by Eric P. Dollard

Pages: 54
Publisher: Borderland Sciences / Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 1986

While this one-of-a-kind book from 1986 is more of an engineering analysis of Tesla coil operation than a guide to their construction, it does provide the Tesla coil builder with some alternative views on the configuration of these devices. Written at a time when most coilers were focusing their attention on the "classic" Tesla coil design, the author recognizes the advantages to be gained by inclusion of a base-driven helical resonator or extra coil, and gives suggestions as to how oscillator performance may be optimized. The book closes out with a reprint of Fritz Lowenstein's 14 page paper titled CAPACITIES, presented in 1915 before The Institute of Radio Engineers.

An abstract of the theory and construction techniques of Tesla Transformers written by one of the most brilliant modern day researchers into High Frequency Electricity as pioneered by Tesla and Steinmetz. Contains the article CAPACITY by Fritz Lowenstein, assistant to Tesla in his research.

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by John T. Ratzlaff, Leland I. Anderson

Publisher: Twenty First Century Books
Year: 1979 / 1995
ISBN: 0963601261
ISBN: 978-0963601261

First published in 1979, this is the second printing of an exhaustive annotated bibliography of writings by and about the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). The period covered is from 1884 through 1978 with approximately 3,000 citations arranged in chronological order. In compiling this edition, all earlier bibliographical efforts were merged, with both North American and European sources being cited. In addition to searching periodical directories and newspaper indexes, complete runs of 23 serials were examined for content; morgue files were examined for unindexed newspapers; Tesla's estate papers were examined for reference to obscure published articles; clipping files in major institutional and public libraries were examined. The end result is a major work that to this day serves as an aid to the user in following the sequence of Tesla's life, scientific discoveries, and accomplishments.

"One of the best bibliographies I have seen on anyone... Every Tesla buff should have a copy... If anyone had doubts about Tesla's contribution to radio and electricity...this should satisfy them.... -- Antique Wireless Association Bulletin, December 1980

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by John T. Ratzlaff

Publisher: Angriff Press
Year: 1981
ISBN: 0913022446
ISBN: 978-0913022443
ISBN: 0960353682
ISBN: 978-0960353682

It's kind of hard rating the contents of this book, since it's a copy of all of Telsa's patents. So, what I rated was the utility of the book which is tremendous. With this you get a LOT of research material into Tesla's work and can trace the evolution of his ideas thru time. Very good! - Amazon

Reprinted by the Tesla Book company, 1983.

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by George D. Hathaway, Thomas F. Valone

Pages: 40
Publisher: Integrity Research Institute
Year: 2001

A collection of several articles relating to non-conventional "Tesla-like" AC electrical systems.


  • George D. Hathaway, "Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems," Energy Unlimited, V23, pp. 34-41 (1994?).
  • George D. Hathaway, "Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems, Part II," Energy Unlimited, V24, pp. 43-47 (1994?).
  • Patrick Bailey, "Dangers in Measuring the Power of AC Devices with Meters" (6 pages, 2001?).
  • E-mails from Thomas Valone (2001)
  • Karen Holdom, "Invention Gift to the Nation," New Zealand Herald (28 Nov 1988). (on Dr. Robert Adams)
  • Ludwig Brits & Victor Christie, Intl. Patent App. H02P 7/36, 5/28 (control of a rotary device).
  • http://www.greaterthings.com/, "Claim That Lutec was Lifted from Adams." (Lutec was the company of Dr. Robert Adams)
  • J. W. Ecklin, "Over-Unity Update," Magnets in You Future?
  • John W. Ecklin, "Premanent Magnet Motion Conversion Device," US Patent 3,879,622 (22 Apr 1975).
  • Thomas Valone, "AC Electricity Formula Sheets" (4 pages of useful formulas).

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by Tom Bearden

Pages: 225
Publisher: Tesla Book Company
Year: 1986
ISBN: 0914119036
ISBN: 978-0914119036

Websites: www.cheniere.org/sales/online-store.htm

T. E. Bearden claims in this work that the Soviet Union developed scalar electromagnetic technology during the Cold War. He discusses how Nikola Tesla originally elucidated the theory of scalar electromagnetics at the turn of the century, but was largely ignored in the west. The Soviets however, saw the utility of Tesla's theories and applied them to the development of weapons of mass distruction heretofore unseen in the western world. The author explains both the theories involved and details about the successful Soviet weapons projects.

From the Publisher
It is the author's contention that Maxwell's original electromagnetic theory incorrectly deleted scalar terms in the equations of electromagnetics. He then re-introduces these terms, and explains the arresting consequences that, according to Lt. Col. Bearden, only the Soviet Union was privy to during the Cold War.

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by Jorge Resines

Publisher: Borderland Sciences
Year: 1991
ISBN: B002B4S1S6

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by Eric P. Dollard

Pages: 38
Publisher: Borderland Sciences / Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 1982

Tesla devoted an enormous portion of his efforts to exploring dielectric phenomena and made numerous groundbreaking discoveries in this area.  This piece addresses the relationship of the dielectric and electromagnetic aspects of electricity, providing real insights for those researchers seeking to recreate and expand upon Tesla's work.  The author contends that the phenomena of dielectricity is fertile ground for profound discovery.  Included is a reprint of the article Electrical Oscillations in Antennae and Induction Coils by John Miller, 1919, containing equations useful to the design of Tesla Coils.


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by George B. Trinkaus

Pages: 24
Publisher: High Voltage Press
Year: 2000
ISBN: 0970961855
ISBN: 978-0970961853

By the U.S. Navy (1951). First came the vacuum tube, then the transistor, right? Not really. In between there is another "lost" entity. Electronics engineers of the 1950's believed the rugged little magnetic amplifier was going to replace the less reliable vacuum tube in all its functions up to a megacycle. Originating in the USA but adopted and developed by the Nazis for the V2 missile, the mag amp after WWII found a clique of boosters among U.S. electronics engineers. Still evident in some regulators, the mag amp can also magnify, modulate, switch, invert, convert, phase shift, multiply, and even compute. It requires zero maintenance and can handle thousands of amperes. Modulate your Tesla coil with a mag amp. 43 illustrations. Not a reprint. Completely reset and redesigned. A Magnetic Amplifier Bibliography is published separately by High Voltage Press.

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by Duane A. Bylund

Publisher: Tesla Book Comapny
Year: 1991
ISBN: 0914119095
ISBN: 978-0914119098

Ever since Nikolas Tesla pioneered this technology 100 years ago we have been fascinated by his "Lightning Machine." This book is great for the advanced Tesla coil creator, and adds some hints for the beginner. It would be useful with a few other books about Tesla coils. People might need some technical expertise to use this book. But overall great for the advanced.

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by Nikola Tesla, Leland I. Anderson, Gary L. Peterson

Pages: 260
Publisher: Twenty First Century Books
Year: 1998
ISBN: 0963601253
ISBN: 978-0963601254
ISBN: 0963601296
ISBN: 978-0963601292

Websites: www.tfcbooks.com/mall/more/337ntgw.htm

In this, the third book of the Tesla Presents Series, engineer-historian Leland Anderson provides the transcript of the 1902 U.S. Patent Interference investigation concerning Tesla's System of Signaling.  The document, "Nikola Tesla vs. Reginald A. Fessenden," which is no longer on file at the U.S. Patent Office, contains Tesla's own depositions as well as those of his closest and most trusted associates, George Scherff and Fritz Lowenstein.  Included is material on the history of radio-controlled devices, the first practical form of these being Tesla's radio-controlled "telautomaton" ? an operational boat first demonstrated to the public at Madison Square Garden in 1898. In addition to describing Tesla's "individualization" techniques for obtaining secure noninterferable radio communications?the patent is today recognized as the fundamental AND logic gate, a critical element of every digital computer?the interference record also reveals that essential features of the spread-spectrum telecommunications techniques known as frequency-hopping and frequency-division multiplexing have their roots in the resulting patents. Furthermore, there are new disclosures by Tesla on the operation of his large high voltage radio-frequency oscillators at both the Houston Street laboratory and the Colorado experimental station. Rarely in the history of science do we encounter such opportunities to gain deep insight into the fundamental ideas and concepts of an esteemed scientist/inventor.

  Nikola Tesla's technological legacy
     The setting
Tesla-Fessenden U.S. Patent Office Interference Case Transcript
Remote Control and The AND Logic Gate
  The beginnings of remote control
     Remote-controlled devices
     Tesla's wireless-controlled boats
     Need for secure control
     Tesla's "individualization" concept
     Later contenders
     Guided weapons
  The AND logic gate
     Electronic elements
     Non-electronic elements
       Fluid logic elements
         Tesla turbine
     High frequency, high voltage, conjoint oscillations
       demonstrating the AND function
     Progenitor of the computer industry
     A. U.S. Patent No. 613,809, "Method and Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vessel or Vehicles," Nov. 8, 1898.
     B. U.S. Patent No. 645,576, "System of Transmission of Electrical Energy," Mar. 20, 1900.
     C. U.S. Patents, Nos. 685,953, 685,954, 685,955, and 685,956, Nov. 5, 1901, on utilizing effects transmitted through natural media.
     D. The AND logic-gate patents
       U.S. Patent No. 723,188, "Method of Signaling," Mar. 17, 1903.
       U.S. Patent No. 725,605, "System of Signaling," Apr. 14, 1903.
     E. U.S. Patent No. 787,412, "Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums," Apr. 18, 1905.
     F. "Inductorium"
     G. Tesla correspondence with Benjamin Franklin Miessner

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by Kenneth L. Corum, James F. Corum

Pages: 64
Publisher: Ken & James Corum
Year: 1996 / 2003

While there exist many biographical popularizations about Nikola Tesla (several quite bazaar and sensationalized), to our knowledge no serious engineering analyses of his work have appeared since the benchmark studies of Bemard Behrend in the years preceding World War I. (Behrend, while an AIEE Vice-President, actively lobbied for the bestowal of the Edison Medal upon Tesla, the seventh of which was conferred upon Tesla in 1917.)

For quite some time now, the authors have been involved with the analysis and experimental reproduction of the RF aspects of Tesla's work. A major portion of our effort has been to reexpress Tesla's turn-of-the-century physics into the engineering and analytical terms of today. In spite of the fact that his physical explanations often bear the mark of antiquated and faulty theory (he was laboring within the framework of nineteenth century physics), we have been overwhelmed by Tesla's intuitiveness, his careful power of observation, his uncanny experimental technique, and the accuracy of his published data. The man was a genius.

While there exist thorough, in depth, engineering studies of Tesla's polyphase AC power system and his induction motors, dating back to the investigations of Professor William A. Anthony (Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Cornell University) and Dr. Bernard A. Behrend (Vice-President of the AIEE), no such comprehensive analyses of his RF achievements exists to this day.

To be sure, Nikola Tesla was a singular individual. However, since there is such an unusual volume of sensationalized, pseudoscientific, popular literature representing him as an eccentric, bizarre, indigent, and mysterious character (such deprecations are easily challenged historically: he was, of course, none of these), let us first identify his professional qualifications and activities... - from the Introduction

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by Nikola Tesla, Leland I. Anderson

Pages: 123
Publisher: Twenty First Century Books
Year: 1994
ISBN: 096360127X
ISBN: 978-0963601278
ISBN: 0963601210
ISBN: 978-0963601216

Websites: www.tfcbooks.com/mall/more/351ntl.htm

Following Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents. This book is the second in the four part Tesla Presents series containing previously unavailable material on the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla in field of radio frequency electrical engineering. While first delivered under the title "On the Streams of Lenard and Roentgen with Novel Apparatus for Their Use" the information presented in the lecture goes far beyond this topic. In addition to his opening remarks on X-ray discovery, a major portion of Tesla's commentary deals with the high power radio-frequency resonant power supplies of his own design, used in conjunction with his work. There are also clear descriptions of electro-mechanical stroboscopic instruments that Tesla designed for the measurement of frequency and phase.  Other topics include wireless receiving methods and the genesis of Tesla's 1937 particle beam tube.  During the talk Tesla had displayed approximately 120 drawings of specially constructed vacuum tubes, many being of the Lenard type and also the single-electrode type of his own design.  Among the drawings are tubes used in his wireless communications experiments. Enhanced photographs of these images are among the 32 illustrations which fill out this fine addition to the Tesla cannon.

Editorial Remarks

     Skirmishes on non-publication of lecture
Lecture Commentary
     High frequency apparatus
     Lenard and Roentgen rays
     Harmful actions from Lenard and Roentgen tubes
The Lecture:
     Section I ? Improved Apparatus for the Production of Powerful Electrical Vibrations; Novel Frequency Measurement Methods.
     Section I Addendum ? Wireless Telegraphy Receiving Methods.
     Section II ? The Hurtful Actions of Lenard and Roentgen Tubes.
     Section III ? The Source of Roentgen Rays and the Practical Construction and Safe Operation of Lenard Tubes.
     Contemporary reviews of lecture

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by Nikola Tesla, Leland I. Anderson

Pages: 240
Publisher: Twenty First Century Books
Year: 2002
ISBN: 1893817016
ISBN: 978-1893817012

Websites: www.tfcbooks.com/mall/more/314ntac.htm#more-ntac

This is the transcript of an extended three day interview of Nikola Tesla conducted by his legal counsel in 1916 in preparation for expert testimony in impending radio patent cases.  In an account that was never intended for publication, Tesla describes his pioneering investigations into the nature of alternating currents as applied to wireless transmission.  In a style uniquely his own, he carefully traces his work from the first high frequency alternators that were constructed at his Grand Street laboratory in New York City, and their associated tuned circuits through the establishment of his huge broadcasting facility, the mighty Wardenclyffe Plant, located at Shoreham, Long Island.  Among the variety of topics discussed are: high frequency alternators, experiments with wireless telegraphy and telephony, mechanical and electrical oscillators, the Colorado experiments, theory and technique of energy transmission, the Long Island plant, and arrangements for receiving.  The previously untold story found within the pages of this remarkable book has been described by the prominent Tesla researcher James Corum as a "veritable Rosetta stone" for tracing the technical thoughts of one of our most distinguished engineering scientists.




  1. High Frequency Alternators
  2. Experiments with Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Oscillators
  4. Apparatus for Transformation by Condenser Discharges; Damped Waves
  5. Apparatus for Transformation by Condenser Discharges; Continuous Waves
  6. Colorado Experiments
  7. Theory and Technique of Energy Transmission
  8. Long Island Plant
  9. Arrangements for Receiving
  10. Rediscussion/Clarification of Selected Remarks


  1. Fig. 1. Photograph of Tesla with alternator in offices of The Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co., May 10, 1938.
  2. Fig. 2. Photograph of 1915 shipboard transmitter employing the Tesla spiral form of antenna transformer coil.
  3. Tesla's description of Long Island plant and inventory of the installation as reported in 1922 foreclosure appeal proceedings.

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by Nikola Tesla, Bruce A. Perrault

Publisher: Nu Energy Horizons

This is a complete set of Tesla's Patents issued in the United States, Great Britain and Canada between 1886 and 1928, saved as images in .pdf format. The Acrobat 3.01 Reader for Win95 or Mac is included. This CD-ROM is also packed with articles and multimedia presentations related to Tesla's experiments, inventions, and the story of his life, including a transcript of the 1943 Marconi vs. the U.S. litigation on priority in radio. These files can be accessed directly off the disk with an easy to use automatic menu. 153 megabytes data on CD ROM.

I have tried to compile a broad range of information and media related to Nikola Tesla and hope that you find it a useful reference. The highlights of this collection are the complete text of a book about Tesla and a second work purported to be his Biography. The court records from the 1939 Marconi vs. Tesla case are in .txt format and you will find the FBI files in .txt and in .pdf formats interesting. You will also find articles on this cd about individual inventions as well as instructions for building some of Tesla's popular inventions.

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by Marc J. Seifer

Publisher: Tesla Book Company
Year: 1990
ISBN: 0914119060
ISBN: 978-0914119067

View count: 1
by Marc J. Seifer

Pages: 56
Publisher: Metascience Productions
Year: 2001
ISBN: 156649169X
ISBN: 978-1566491693

Delightfil book for young readers. If you go to Goat Island at Niagara Falls, you will see a statue of Nikola Tesla inventor of the AC polyphase system, the electrical power system put in 100 years ago at Niagara Falls which is essentially unchanged today. I wrote this book to explain to young readers and adults alike Tesla's precise role in the development of this great invention. Before this invention, electrical energy could only be transported about one mile and then only for lighting homes. Afterwards, electricity could be transported hundreds of miles, and not just for lighting, but also for running household appliances and industrial machinery in factories. In addition, unlike the polluting coal operating electrical plants of that day, Tesla's invention was a clean energy creation using a renewable source of power. Before Tesla's creation, all major factories had to be located by rivers and powerful streams. Now they could be located everywhere. For these reasons, Tesla was honored by LIFE MAGAZINE by being listed as one of the 100 most important individuals of the last 1,000 years. Tesla received the Edison Medal in 1917, he was nominated for a Nobel Prize in the 1930's and he was further honored by the world when in 1956, the electrical unit the "tesla" was named after him. (MRI's measure in "tesla" units.) Thus he could stand beside such other electrical giants as Ampere, Watt and Volta. The end chapter contains an outline of my doctoral dissertation which was a treatise on why Tesla's name disappeared from the history books. THE MAN WHO HARNESSED NIAGARA FALLS is beautifully illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings from Tesla's heyday, the turn of the century, and it also contains a photograph of the Goat Island statue designed by sculptor Franko Krisnic which was given to the people of New York by the people of Yugoslavia in 1976. You've read about Harry Potter, now read about a real live WIZARD! - Amazon

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by Dale Pond, Walter P. Baumgartner

Pages: 176
Publisher: The Message Company
Year: 1995
ISBN: 157282008X
ISBN: 978-1572820081

In 1935, Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake in the region of his New York laboratory in 1898 was the result of a machine he had been experimenting with. This book presents his technology based on sonic vibrations. Now for the first time the secrets of the Tesla Oscillator are available to both the layman and advanced researcher.

From the Back Cover
Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine with Tesla's Original Patents plus New Blueprints to Build your own Working Model Now for the first time, the secrets of this machine are available to you...

This new manual presents a new technology. It is based on sonic vibrations which can be produced by a comparatively simple apparatus -- The Tesla Oscillator. In the oscillators or transmitters described in this book, a resonance effect can be observed. Resonance appears to be an ever-expanding, magnifying effect with these transmitters. Very little input energy is required to set the device in motion and build that motion to tremendous levels of usable energy. The principle employed is called "Amplitude Modulated Additive Synthesis" by music industry engineers.

We have included a full chapter on vibration physics to explain what happens.

Excerpt from the New York World - Telegram, July 11, 1935 -- Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at the time which "you could put in your overcoat pocket."

The bewildered newspapermen pounced upon this as at least one thing they could understand and "the father of modern electricity" told what had happened as follows:

"I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound.

"I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher. "Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium.

"The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That's all they ever knew about it."

Some shrewd reporter asked Dr. Tesla at this point what he would need to destroy the Empire State Building and the doctor replied: "Vibration will do anything. It would only be necessary to step up the vibrations of the machine to fit the natural vibration of the building and the building would come crashing down. That's why soldiers break step crossing a bridge."

His early experiments in vibration, he explained, led to his invention of his "earth vibrating" machine.

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by Nikola Tesla, Leland I. Anderson

Pages: 124
Publisher: Twenty First Century Books
Year: 1998
ISBN: 0963601288
ISBN: 978-0963601285

Websites: www.tfcbooks.com/mall/more/381tele.htm

In the 1930s the unorthodox inventor Nikola Tesla announced to the world a pair of novel inventions.  The first was "teleforce," a particle-beam projector which Tesla intended to be used as an instrument of national defense. A year later, in 1935, Tesla claimed a method of transmitting mechanical energy with minimal loss over any terrestrial distance, providing a new means of communication and a technique for the location of subterranean mineral deposits. He called this system for mechanical power transmission "telegeodynamics." Here, these two important papers, hidden for more than 60 years, are presented for the first time. The underlying principles behind teleforce and telegeodynamics are fully addressed.  In addition to copies of the original documents, typed on Tesla's official stationery, this work also includes two Reader's Aid sections providing guidance through the more technical aspects of each paper.  The actual texts are followed by Commentary sections which provide historical background and functional explanations of the two devices.  Significant newspaper articles and headline accounts are provided to document the first mention of these proposals. A large Appendix provides a wealth of related material and background information, followed by a Bibliography section and Index.

Nikola Tesla's Teleforce Proposal
     Reader's Aid
     New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media. By Nikola Tesla
     New York Times, September 22, 1940, "'Death Ray' for Planes"
Nikola Tesla's Telegeodynamics Proposal
     Reader's Aid
     Relative Merits of the Lucas Method of Prospecting by Detonations of Explosive Compounds and of The Tesla Method of Prospecting by Isochronous Oscillations Theoretically Considered. By Nikola Tesla
     Tesla correspondence from George Scherff, June 17, 1937
     New York Times, July 11, 1935, "Tesla, 79, Promises to Transmit Force"
  Teleforce Proposal
     Possibilities of Electrostatic Generators. By Nikola Tesla
     Tesla Correspondence to J. P. Morgan, Jr., November 29, 1934
  Telegeodynamics Proposal
     Tesla correspondence from George Scherff, April 19, 1918
     Address Before The New York Electrical Society, "Mechanical and Electrical Oscillators" by Nikola Tesla
     Electric Generator ? U.S. Patent No. 511,916
     Reciprocating Engine ? U.S. Patent No. 514,169
     Steam Engine ? U.S. Patent No. 517,900
     Mechanical Therapy by Nikola Tesla
     Detroit Free Press, Jan. 18, 1896, "Tesla's Health Giver"

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by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume

Pages: 235
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 1980/2006
ISBN: 1931882517
ISBN: 978-1931882514

An illustrated overview of perpetualmotion machines and their inventors. The deceptively simple task of making a mechanism which would turn forever has fascinated many famous men and physicists throughout the centuries. In fact, the basic tenets of engineering grew from the failures of these perpetual motion machine designers. And, despite the naivete and even the blatant trickery of many inventors, there still exist a handful of mechanisms which defy explanation: * a vast canvascovered wheel which turned by itself was erected in the Tower of London * another wheel turned endlessly in Germany and was discussed by philosophers and scientists throughout Europe, including Sir Isaac Newton.

"Make a machine which gives out more work than the energy you put into it and you have perpetual motion. The deceptively simple task of making a mechanism which would turn forever fascinated many an inventor and a number of men applied themselves to the task. Their quest in some cases became an obsession. However, the perpetual motion seekers played an important part in the history of engineering. Without their early experiments the science of mechanics would not have developed so rapidly. Even today, the fascination of the subject is not quite dead." - TeslaTech

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