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Prof. Sisir Roy
local time: 2023-12-07 01:18 (+05:30 )
Prof. Sisir Roy (About)
CNPS Member
Professor of Physics
Interests: Quantum Mechanics, Unsharp Observables, Wolf Mechanism, Cosmology, Brain Function Modelling, Dynamic Geometry, Electromagnetism

Sisir Roy is presently a Full Professor, Theoretical Physics at the Indian Statistical Institute. His main research areas include Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Unsharp Observables, Wolf Mechanism and Alternate Cosmology, Brain Function Modeling and Dynamic geometry Bayesian Methodology and Data analysis in Quasar Astronomy , as well as Extended Electromagnetic Theory. He has published more than 120 papers in various international journals, and is the author of eight books.


  1. Professor, Physics and Applied Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, from 1993

  2. Distinguished Visiting Professor, George Mason University, USA, May 2006 - May 2007, Sep 2002 - Jan 2004, Feb 2001 - Jul 2001, Sep 1998 - May 1999

  3. Associate Professor , Indian Statistical Insititute, Kolkata, 1987 - 1993

  4. Visiting Scientist, Henri Poincare Institute, Paris, 1986 - 1987

  5. Lecturer, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, 1980 - 1987

  6. Research Fellow for Ph.D., Indian Statistical Institute, 1975 - 1979

Present Interests:

  1. Cosmological Red Shift, Non Parametric Statistical Data analysis of Recent Astronomical Data especially related to Quasars and galaxies, Studying Dynamic Multiple Scattering in the local environment of quasars based on the Wolf Effect and consequences.

  2. Dynamic geometry and Brain Function Modeling.

  3. Pre-geometry and Planck scale physics, Agent based simulation.

  4. Quantum Information and Quantum Cryptography.

  5. Statistical distance and Image Analysis.


  1. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics : 45 papers

  2. Computer Science and Image Analysis : 3

  3. Astrophysics and Cosmology : 11

  4. Brain Function Modeling and Cognitive Activities : 6

  5. Electromagnetic Theory : 38

  6. "(Quantum) spacetime as a statistical geometry of fuzzy lumps and the connection with random metric spaces", Manfred Requardt et al 2001 Class. Quantum Grav. 18 3039-3057   doi: 10.1088/0264-9381/18/15/317.