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Prof. Shinichi Seiki
local time: 2023-12-07 04:34 (+09:00 )
Prof. Shinichi Seiki (About)
World Science Database Profile
Professor of Physics
Interests: Antigravity, Relativity, Inertial Propulsion

"Professor Shinichi Seki, Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, developed a somewhat more elaborate theory of the Lorentz-Force, incorporating the use of "ether." Starting with the so-called "Kramer-equation," which describes the movements of atoms in the presence of exterior electrical and magnetic fields - the basic components of the Lorentz-Force - Professor Seiki conceived of the possibility of creating "negative gravitational energies" by utilizing a suitable electro-magnetic field...

"Seiki went one step further and introduced NER (Nuclear Electrical Resonance), which influences both the polar and the axial spin..." - Rho Sigma, Ether-Technology, pp. 82-83 (1977)

Alternate spelling: Seike