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Dmitri Rabounski
local time: 2024-03-04 05:42 (-05:00 DST)
Dmitri Rabounski (About)
World Science Database Profile
Editor, Independent Researcher
Interests: Cosmology

Dmitri Rabounski (b. 1965 in Moscow, Russia) was educated at the Moscow High School of Physics. Commencing in 1983, he was trained by Prof. Kyril Stanyukovich (1916-1989), a prominent scientist in gaseous dynamics and General Relativity. He was also trained with Dr. Abraham Zelmanov (1913-1987), the famous cosmologist and researcher in General Relativity. During the 1980?s, he was also trained by Dr. Vitaly Bronshten (1918-2004), the well-known expert in the physics of destruction of bodies in atmosphere. Dmitri Rabounski has published about 30 scientific papers and 6 books on General Relativity, gravitation, physics of meteoroids, and astrophysics. In 2005, he started a new American journal on physics, Progress in Physics, where he is the Editor-in-Chief, and is currently continuing his scientific studies as an independent researcher.