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Leland I. Anderson
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Leland I. Anderson (Abstracts)
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  • Final Thoughts on Tesla?s Work with High-Frequency Alternating Currents (2006) [Updated 8 years ago]

    The following article is a collection of final thoughts from Leland Anderson regarding Nikola Tesla?s work. These are the result of a lifetime of study based on the author?s interviews with living contacts who knew Tesla. The author is known to have owned and maintained over the last half century the largest holding of original Tesla documents and images to be found in private hands anywhere in the world. All of the foregoing; coupled with his engineering background and personal contacts with many modern Tesla experimenters, researchers and writers; make  his comments particularly valuable in both an engineering and scientific sense. The reader is also treated to a number of rare historical tidbits related to Tesla?s work. We are honored and pleased to present to our readers this cumulative effort of this premier Tesla historian, author and researcher.

  • Rare Notes from Tesla on Wardenclyffe (1998) [Updated 8 years ago]

    Leland Anderson has kindly provided copies of rare documents from the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The papers reproduced in this report supply information about the Wardenclyffe Tower, and show that the design process wasn?t as automatic as legend leads us to believe.