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Joseph W. Newman
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Joseph W. Newman (Books)

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by Joseph W. Newman

Pages: 381
Publisher: Joseph W. Newman, New Orleans, LA
Year: 1984/1985/1986/1998
ISBN: B000XB1456
ISBN: 0961383526
ISBN: 978-0961383527
ISBN: 0961383542
ISBN: 978-0961383541

The energy machine as described in this book is a physical embodiment of Joseph Newman's Technical Process which represents a mechanical unification of the gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear fields. The theories of Joseph Newman also represent a precise, mechanical explanation of the phemomena of magnetism (not currently understood) and the principle of "action at a distance". When one understands the nature of the energy discovered by Joseph Newman, then one can understand how it would be possible to build a technical application capable of harnessing such mechanical motion (energy).