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Dr. Donald G. Carpenter
local time: 2023-09-22 13:22 (-06:00 DST)
Dr. Donald G. Carpenter (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: October 3, 2002)
Interests: Quantum Theory, Paranormal Age: 79

Donald Gilbert Carpenter


  • "A Simple Proof That E = mc2", Telicom, V15, N6, pp. 26-28 (Apr 2001).
  • "Unidentified Flying Objects", Chapter 13 of Introductory Space Science, Volume II, Department of Physics - USAF (coeditted with Lt. Colonel Edward R. Therkelson), posted by Jack Sarfatti (1999).
  • "Letter to the Editor", Science, p. 1394 (15 Dec 1967).
  • "Trapped Electron Component from Orbiting Reactor Neutron Decay", Journal of Geophysical Research, V70, N23, pp. 5831-38 (Dec 1965). (with Donald A. Cohen)