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Paul Schroeder
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Paul Schroeder (Books)

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by Paul Schroeder

Pages: 198
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Year: 2006
ISBN: 1419632310
ISBN: 978-1419632310

A brilliant, provocative work that reshuffles the ideas of physics. In fascinating detail, author Paul Schroeder puts together a replacement system that unifies current ideas, and provides a missing link between the particle physics of Quantum mechanics and space theories such as Relativity.

Schroeder, a mathematics and economics major at Beloit, developed an interest in physics while reading astronomy articles from the physics library. His book offers a new perspective on existing theories of cosmology and suggests that a different paradigm might better support current data and commonly accepted assumptions about physics.

The author contends that dominant theories of gravitation are inadequate in explaining how the force of gravity affects patterning and other applied principles of cosmic order. ?External gravitation, which I introduce, provides more options with bending gravitation paths, and thus acts in more ways,? he writes.