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Dr. Moray B. King
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Dr. Moray B. King (About)
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Interests: New Energy, Zero Point Energy, Brown's Gas

Moray B. King is a well-known physicist, lecturer and the originator of the term, Zero-Point Energy.

"Moray B. King, a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, risked upsetting a committee of engineering professors in 1978 with his proposal for a doctoral thesis topic that energy could be tapped from space. The personable, good humored King had not set out to shock. In fact, as a dutiful systems engineering student, he had at first accepted the standard view that the vacuum of space is useless as an energy source." - "A New Physics for a New Energy Source" by Jeane L. Manning.

King addresses the question, "What Ever Happened to the T. Henry Moray "Radiant Energy" Device?" Its widely published history, including a book by T. H. Moray, and the Government's reproduction project which was led by his son John Moray will be reviewed. Mr. King, who coincidentally has the same first name, is the author of two books on zero point energy.


  • "Energy Source Implications of a Helicon Toroid Model for Ball Lightning," QPR, N18 (1976) Valley Forge Research Center, Moorse School, University of Pennsylvania.

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