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Eric Baird
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Eric Baird (Abstracts)
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  • The Light Speed Barrier: Bending the Rules (1998) [Updated 3 years ago]

    Special relativity includes a concealed mechanism for reducing time-dilation effects in two mutually-receding objects. Forwarding their signals via one or more intermediate physical relay stages (a "probe chain") allows enhanced communication and propulsion efficiency. These possibilities are masked by the mathematical redefinitions of the special theory, which then assigns the velocity of the signal source a correspondingly lower value by using a velocity-addition formula. Probe chains reveal the existence of velocity-dependent curvature within inertial systems, and suggest a mechanism for indirect radiation from black holes that is strongly reminiscent of Hawking radiation. The "emitter-theory" force law is mentioned as a possible basis for a curved-space alternative to special relativity.