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Dipl. Ing. Peter Ripota
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Dipl. Ing. Peter Ripota Books

View count: 1024
by Peter Ripota

Pages: 108
Publisher: Books on Demand
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9783837079630

Websites: www.peter-ripota.de/einstein/symmetrie-de-215.html
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Symmetries are an ideal for every physicist, and a means for gaining knowledge about the laws of nature. But do they really lead us to the Truth? Or is thinking in symmetries misleading scientists? Physicist Peter Ripota explores this question, with remarkable results.

View count: 14385
by Peter Ripota

Pages: 200
Publisher: Books on Demand
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9783839117132
ISBN: 978-3839117132

Websites: www.bod.de/index.php?id=296&bod_nr=&objk_id=166823

Would you like to travel into your past, change some events und emerge in the present as another being? Is that really possible? The infamous grandfather-paradoxon - I kill my grandfather, therefore I cannot exist, therefore I cannot kill my grandfather, therefore I can exist, therefore ... - seems to prevent travels into the past. But physicist and science-fiction-reader Peter Ripota found a solution to this paradoxon. Based on ideas by Richard Feynman and John A. Wheeler, he schows: Time travels are theoretically possible, even into the past. But will they ever happen? And can you really change your destiny?

View count: 2320
by Peter Ripota

Pages: 140
Publisher: Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt (Germany)
Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-3837058123

Websites: www.peter-ripota.de/mathe/index.php
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How far is it till infinity? Physicist Peter Ripota explores the way from the smallest infinite number (omega) to the largest (OMEGA), in words and diagrams. Besides, he explores  questions like: Is God really infinite? Are some numbers non-interesting? Is there a "jewish mathematics"?

View count: 7449
by Peter Ripota

Pages: 248
Publisher: Eigenverlag
Year: 2002

Websites: www.peter-ripota.de/einstein/index.php

What follies do physicist accept? Physicist Peter Ripota explores three physical paradigms: The relativity theories (there are two), the big bang hypthesis, and the consquences of modern quantum physics. He shows how these theories are riddled with paradoxes, antinomies and downright nonsense. But Ripota is no fanatical anti-pyhsicist. He contributes many anecdotes, satires and witty illustations.