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Robert A. Kerr
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Robert A. Kerr (Books)

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by Robert A. Kerr

Pages: 64
Publisher: Unpublished
Year: 1999

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The Foreword presents the objectives and conclusions which will be logically verified by the following text. This verification eliminates inconceivable presumptions which have obfuscated conceivable physical understanding. The methodology explains and applies the concepts of Leibniz and Maxwell to currant thermal and fluid mechanics. The scientific empirical method is a pragmatic system of dealing with ignorance. A house of cards assembled from surface cause and effect relationships which do not require conceptual understanding. William James stated the pragmatic definition of truth:"The truth is what works.". Pragmatic truth is the basis for technology. It is not a valid basis for science. Scientific validity must include conceptual understanding of how and why dynamic actions occur and under what conditions. Current science does not always meet this mandatory criterion...