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G. O. Mueller
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G. O. Mueller (About)
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Interests: Special Relativity

G. O. Mueller is a pseudonym adopted by a German Research Project for a massive compiling materials opposed to Einstein's special theory of relativity, of international scope, presenting a documentation of 3789 publications criticizing the theory (1908 - 2003), distributing this documentation to libraries, to the printed media and to eminent representatives of public opinion, and addressing open letters to the members of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) and to journalists of several German newspapers: Ueber die absolute Groesse der speziellen Relativitaetsheorie

While featuring some 1300 critics from the whole period 1908-2003 ff. who are identified by their real names, a main feature of the project is the anonymity of the persons who work on the documentation. The Research Project has decided to present itself to the public only through the results of research and not through persons.

The documentation and the progress reports are published under the pseudonym "G. O. Mueller"; in the Internet the project is also presented with the acronym "GOM-Projekt" or "GOM-project". "Karl Kneckebrodt" is the pseudonym for the co-author at the English publication.

The activities of the Project are organized according to the requirements of the two main purposes: (1) to document the criticism of the special theory of relativity from the beginning until today, from all countries and in all languages; and (2) to document the potential addressees for the delivery in the German speaking countries and some more in the other Western countries, to prepare the mail and to post the letters.

Ekkehard Friebe:
Homepage: http://www.ekkehard-friebe.de/
Blog: http://www.ekkehard-friebe.de/blog
Blog: http://www.kritik-relativitaetstheorie.de
E-mail: ekkehard@ekkehard-friebe.de

Jocelyne Lopez:
Blog: http://www.jocelyne-lopez.de/blog
E-mail: webmaster@jocelyne-lopez.de

Wissenschaft und moralische Verantwortung - GOM-Projekt Relativitaetstheorie
(English: Science and Moral Responsibility - GOM project Theory of Relativity)