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Dr. William M. Honig
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Dr. William M. Honig Books

View count: 1111
by William M. Honig

Pages: 300
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Year: 1995
ISBN: 9810222513
ISBN: 978-9810222512
ISBN: 9810222033
ISBN: 978-9810222031

This book presents two new mathematical techniques: nonstandard logics and nonstandard metrics. The techniques are applied to current problems in physics, i.e. the hidden variable problem, the local and nonlocal problems, etc.

View count: 15357
by William M. Honig, Emilio Panarella

Pages: 475
Publisher: Springer
Year: 1988
ISBN: 0306426706
ISBN: 978-0306426704

View count: 14723
by William M. Honig

Pages: 293
Publisher: Philosophical Library / Swan River Press
Year: 1986
ISBN: 0802225179
ISBN: 978-0802225177
ISBN: 0802225187
ISBN: 978-0802225184