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Prof. Andre K. T. Assis
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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 184
Publisher: Tredition Science
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9783842402416

Websites: www.tredition.de/?books/ID2355/Weberrs-Planetary-Model-of-the-Atom

This book describes the planetary model of the atom developed by Wilhelm Weber (1804-1891). It is based on Weber's electrodynamic force of 1846 which is a generalization of Coulomb's law, with the force depending also upon the relative radial velocity between the charges and upon the relative radial acceleration between them. He began to conceive his planetary model of the atom by considering the nature of Amp?re's stable molecular currents. According to Weber's force, two charges of the same sign behave with a negative effective inertial mass when they are very close to one another, so that they should attract one another instead of repelling one another. He could then propose in the 1870's and 1880's a planetary model of the atom with a nucleus composed of positive charges held together by his electrodynamic force law, so that it was not necessary to postulate nuclear forces to stabilize the nucleus. He proposed negative charges orbiting around this positive nucleus. All of this was accomplished before the discovery of the electron and before the atomic models of Rutherford and Bohr. There are many quotations of original works and a large bibliography is included in the text.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 233
Publisher: Apeiron
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9780986492648

Websites: redshift.vif.com/

This is the second edition of a book originally published in 2008.

One of the goals of this book is to present the basic phenomena of mechanics through simple experiments performed with inexpensive materials. We present the fundamental experiments on falling bodies, equilibrium and oscillations around equilibrium positions. We also show how the theoretical concepts are formed and modified during this process, just as occurred in the formulation of the basic laws of mechanics.

We show how more complex phenomena can be explained and clarified by means of elementary experiments. Playful and curious experiments are also presented. They stimulate creativity, critical thinking and a sense of humour in science. They also relate everyday phenomena to the fundamental laws of physics.

The emphasis is placed on experimental activities. After the experiments we formulate the definitions, concepts, postulates, principles, and laws describing the phenomena. The materials utilized are very simple, easily found at home or in stores, all of them very inexpensive. Even so, we can carry out very precise experiments and construct sensitive scientific equipment. The reader need not depend on any school or research laboratory, as he can build his own equipment and perform all the measurements.

If the experiments presented here are performed in the classroom, each student should ideally perform all the tasks, even when working in a group. Each one should build his own equipment (support, plumb line, lever, etc.), cut out his geometric figures and then take all this personal material home. This procedure is richer in lessons than simple demonstrations of the effects by a teacher. It is essential that all students put their hands to the plough.

The book is also rich in historical information, which gives the context in which some laws were discovered, and also different approaches taken in discovering them. We are careful about in formulating concepts and physical principles. It will be seen, for example, how difficult is to find the correct words to precisely define the center of gravity so that this concept can encompass a whole series of experiments. We distinguish clearly between definitions, postulates, experimental results, and physical laws. We also distinguish explanations from descriptions of phenomena. These aspects illustrate the sociological and human aspects of the formulation of physical laws.

This book is written for students and teachers of science, physics, and mathematics. It can be utilized at High Schools or at Universities, depending on the level at which each aspect is analyzed and explored. It has enough experimental and theoretical material to be employed in all levels of teaching. Each teacher should adapt the contents presented here to his own school environment. It can also be utilized in courses on the history and philosophy of science.

The best way to grasp the contents of the book is to perform the majority of the experiments described here in parallel with the reading. There are many philosophical, theoretical, and mathematical approaches relating to physical science. But physics is essentially an experimental science. It is the combination of all these aspects that make it so fascinating. For this reason we strongly recommend that the experiments presented in the book be repeated and improved. We hope that the reader will have the same pleasure in performing these experiments as we had in developing them.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 274
Publisher: Apeiron
Year: 2010
ISBN: 0986492612
ISBN: 978-0986492617

Websites: redshift.vif.com/BookBlurbs/Fundamentos.htm

Os Fundamentos Experimentais e Hist?ricos da Eletricidade ? um livro que lida com os aspectos fundamentais da f?sica. Descreve as principais experi?ncias e descobertas da hist?ria da eletricidade. Come?a com o efeito ?mbar, que ? an?logo ? experi?ncia usual de atrair papeizinhos com um pl?stico atritado no cabelo. Mostra-se como construir e utilizar diversos instrumentos el?tricos: versorium, p?ndulo el?trico, eletrosc?pio e coletores de carga. Discute-se a atra??o e a repuls?o el?trica, o mecanismo ACR (atra??o, contato e repuls?o), assim como as cargas positivas e negativas. Analisa-se detalhadamente os conceitos de condutores e de isolantes, assim como as principais diferen?as nos comportamentos destes dois tipos de subst?ncias. Parte-se sempre das observa??es experimentais para ent?o ir construindo os conceitos, as defini??es e as leis que descrevem estes fen?menos. Todas as experi?ncias s?o descritas com clareza e realizadas com materiais simples, baratos e facilmente acess?veis. Sempre que poss?vel s?o apresentados aspectos hist?ricos relacionados com os fen?menos que est?o sendo analisados, juntamente com cita??es relevantes dos principais cientistas que trabalharam com estes assuntos. ? feita uma an?lise detalhada das obras de Stephen Gray (1666-1736), o grande cientista ingl?s que descobriu os condutores e isolantes, assim como algumas de suas principais propriedades. Uma ampla bibliografia ? inclu?da no final da obra.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 268
Publisher: Apeiron
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9780986492631

Websites: redshift.vif.com/

The Experimental and Historical Foundations of Electricity deals with the most fundamental aspects of physics. The book describes the main experiments and discoveries in the history of electricity. It begins with the amber effect, which is analogous to the usual experiment of attracting small pieces of paper with a plastic rubbed in hair. It is explained how to build several instruments: versorium, electric pendulum, electroscope and charge collectors. It is discussed electric attraction and repulsion, positive and negative charges, and the ACR mechanism (attraction, communication of electricity, and repulsion). It is analyzed the concepts of conductors and insulators, together with the main differences in the behaviours of these two kinds of substances. All experiments are clearly described and performed with simple, inexpensive materials. These experiments lead to clear concepts, definitions, and laws describing these phenomena. Historical aspects are presented, together with relevant quotations from the main scientists. The book presents an exhaustive analysis of the work of Stephen Gray (1666-1736), the great British scientist who discovered conductors and insulators, together with some of their main properties. A large bibliography is included at the end of the work.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 243
Publisher: Apeiron
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780973291179

Websites: redshift.vif.com/

Arquimedes, o Centro de Gravidade e a Lei da Alavanca ? um livro que lida com os aspectos fundamentais da f?sica. Descreve os principais eventos na vida de Arquimedes e o conte?do de suas obras. Discute um grande n?mero de experi?ncias relacionadas com o equil?brio de corpos suspensos que est?o sob a a??o gravitacional terrestre. Todas as experi?ncias s?o descritas com clareza e realizadas com materiais simples, baratos e facilmente acess?veis. Estas experi?ncias levam a uma defini??o conceitual precisa do centro de gravidade e ilustram procedimentos pr?ticos para encontr?-lo com precis?o. S?o analisadas as condi??es de equil?brio est?vel, neutro e inst?vel. S?o descritos e explicados muitos brinquedos de equil?brio. Aspectos hist?ricos relacionados a este conceito s?o apresentados, juntamente com os valores te?ricos do centro de gravidade de diversos corpos obtidos por Arquimedes. O livro tamb?m explica como construir e calibrar balan?as e alavancas precisas e sens?veis. S?o realizadas diversas experi?ncias com estes instrumentos at? se chegar a uma defini??o matem?tica do centro de gravidade e ? lei da alavanca, tamb?m chamada de primeira lei da mec?nica. S?o descritas diversas conseq??ncias desta lei, assim como diferentes demonstra??es de como se chegar nela. ? feita uma an?lise detalhada das obras de Euclides e de Arquimedes, assim como uma tradu??o de duas obras destes autores. Uma ampla bibliografia ? inclu?da no final da obra.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 254
Publisher: C. Roy Keys Inc. (Apeiron)
Year: 2007
ISBN: 097329115X
ISBN: 978-0973291155

Websites: www.ifi.unicamp.br/~assis redshift.vif.com/Apeiron_Home.htm

The Electric Force of a Current analyzes the electric force between a charge and a circuit carrying a steady current when they are at rest relative to one another. It presents experiments and analytical calculations showing the existence of this force, contrary to the statements of many scientists. The force is proportional to the voltage of the battery connected to the resistive circuit. It also includes calculations of the potential and electric field inside and outside resistive conductors carrying steady currents, and the distribution of charges along the surface of the conductors that generate this field. It contains two appendices that discuss the pioneering and revolutionary works of Wilhelm Weber and Gustav Kirchhoff, and a substantial bibliography of modern literature on the topic.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 135
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers
Year: 2001
ISBN: 1560729171
ISBN: 978-1560729174

Websites: www.ifi.unicamp.br/~assis https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/index.php

This book deals with the two fundamental subjects of electromagnetism. It is a useful text for courses in electromagnetism, electrical circuits, mathematical methods of physics, and the history and philosophy of science. It covers how to calculate force between two current carrying circuits, and net force on a part of a closed circuit. The calculation of the mutual inductance between two circuits and self-inductance of a single closed circuit is also described. Experiments explain the main expressions of Ampere and Grassmann. A must to help deepen the knowledge of the mind of any student of science.

View count: 15570
by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 285
Publisher: C. Roy Keys Inc. (Apeiron)
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0968368921
ISBN: 978-0968368923

Websites: www.ifi.unicamp.br/~assis

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Relational Mechanics is a new mechanics that replaces Einstein's theories of relativity. It implements Mach's principle quantitatively based on Weber's relational law and the principle of dynamical equilibrium. It explains Newton's bucket experiment as due to gravitational interaction between the water and the distant universe when in relative rotation. The book is intended for physicists, engineers, mathematicians, historians, philosophers of science and students.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 349
Publisher: Editora do Centro de Logica e Epistemologia da Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Year: 1998
ISBN: 8586497010

Websites: www.cle.unicamp.br/index.php/

A Mec?nica Relacional ? uma nova mec?nica que tem como objetivo ser um substituto para as teorias da relatividade de Einstein. Ela implementa o princ?pio de Mach quantitativamente com base em uma lei de Weber para a gravita??o, juntamente com o princ?pio de equil?brio din?mico. Ela explica a experi?ncia do balde de Newton como sendo devida ? intera??o gravitacional entre a ?gua e as gal?xias distantes quando h? uma rota??o relativa entre a ?gua e o conjunto das gal?xias distantes. O livro ? destinado a f?sicos, engenheiros, matem?ticos, historiadores e fil?sofos da ci?ncia, assim como aos estudantes.

View count: 27414
by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 292
Publisher: Springer
Year: 1994
ISBN: 0792331370
ISBN: 978-0792331377

This volume is a substantially complete presentation of the electrodynamics developed by Wilhelm Weber. Weber's force between point charges is explored and thoroughly analysed. Amp?re's force between current elements is discussed in connection with modern experiments relating to the Amp?re versus Grassmann--Biot--Savart controversy. Amp?re's force is a central feature of this work, as Maxwell maintained it should always be in the study of electrodynamics, although it is included in few textbooks on electromagnetism. A detailed study of this force is an outstanding feature of this book. Other topical questions of physics are analysed, such as a potential-dependent inertial mass, Mach's principle and the origin of inertia, action at a distance as opposed to contact actions, etc. No previous knowledge of the subject is required, and all topics are introduced with both their historical backgrounds as well as modern experimental evidence.

This volume will appeal to physicists, mathematicians, electrical and electronic engineers, historians and philosophers of science.

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by Andre K. T. Assis

Pages: 140
Publisher: Setor de Publicacoes do Instituto de Fisica da Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Year: 1992

Este livro apresenta a eletrodin?mica desenvolvida por Wilhelm Weber (1804-1891). Ela ? baseada em uma lei de for?a que depende n?o apenas da dist?ncia entre as cargas mas tamb?m da velocidade relativa entre elas e da acelera??o relativa entre elas. Mostra-se como deduzir a for?a de Amp?re entre elementos de corrente. Compara-se a for?a de Weber com a for?a de Lorentz. Uma ampla bibliografia ? apresentada ao final do livro.