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Dr. Vedat Shehu
local time: 2023-10-01 14:50 (-05:00 DST)
Dr. Vedat Shehu (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: Expanding Earth


  • Gymnasium (1954 in Albania)
  • Collage VSB (1959 in Former Czechoslovakia)
  • Qualification through uninterrupted-field research works, geologic mapping (mostly the rivers' valleys), etc and simultaneously through collaboration with scientific and didactic institutions of the country.


  • Cave terrains where the waterpower station was built on Drin river in Vau i Dejes, Shkodra, Albania
  • Intensive tectonically broken region of volcanoes-sedimentary series penetrated from a granite dike, where waterpower station of Fierza on Drin river was built
  • A very intensively folded region of Cukali Tectonic Zone in contact with the Mirdita over-thrusting one, where Komani waterpower station on Drin river was built
  • Geological Research Methods on Large B for post-universitary specialization


  • A book on "Engineering Geology" for middle hydro-technical specialists
  • An article about geologic concept of Helen-ides as a limited part of Dinarides
  • A book on Growing and Developing Earth


  • Founder of the "Geoengineering Research Unit" which supports building projects and construction works in every field of building activity
  • Involved with the problems of The Growing and Developing Earth