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John Huang
local time: 2023-09-22 13:51 (-05:00 DST)
John Huang (About)
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Interests: Relativity, Table Tennis, Chess Age: 70

I am a government employee since 2002. Before that I had operated a video rental store with my wife for 6 years. I am a bachelor of mathematics. My dream is one day my idea of future government will be accepted by people. My idea is a very simple structure based on the right and responsibility of an able citizen. In USA, paying tax is the basic one, in Taiwan, to serve in army for one to two years when young is an additional responsibility for male. In my idea, to serve in government for 1 to 12 years when ready is the third responsibility for all able citizens. All able citizens must practice and pass the tests to get ready for some government job(s).

All line-worker jobs are one to two years, paid 90% of the averaged salary in proper local area. All lead-worker jobs are one to four years, paid 10% more than his/her line-workers; which is 99% of the averaged salary in proper local area. All higher managers are paid averaged salary of workers under the direct management. Higher managers work for two to twelve years.