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Dr. Georges A. de Bothezat
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Dr. Georges A. de Bothezat (Books)

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by Georges A. de Bothezat

Pages: 152
Publisher: G.E. Stechert
Year: 1936

The page immediately following the title page of this well-argued book bears a second title, Critical Discussion of The Three Great Cognitive Issues: Infinity, Absolute Time, Absolute Motion, Including the Rigorous Proof of the Fallacy of Einstein's Theories of Relativity.  Though longer, this second title perhaps gives a better description of the book's contents.  Rather than the usual diatribe against Einstein and issues surrounding the speed of light, author de Bothezat explores even more fundamental issues as human cognition, rationalism versus realism, the meaning of number, infinity, continuity, and, of course, absolute time and motion.  Only after eight chapters of rigorous discussion of these fundamental concepts does he turn his attention to the Special Theory of Relativity and the concept of ether.  Waxing philosophical in the tradition of the Greeks and Poincar?, this book walks through the necessary steps to understand nature at a fundamental level.  The discussion of how Einstein's ideas fail is almost a side benefit.