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Joseph Schrock
local time: 2023-12-01 00:35 (-05:00 DST)
Joseph Schrock (About)
World Science Database Profile
Philosopher, Student
Interests: Philosophy of Science Age: 72

I wish to most briefly introduce myself; my life has been cursed (blessed?) with numerous and sundry bumps in the road, detours, hardships, and (best of all) enthralled by learning and growing (intellectually, emotionally, and -- most of all -- spiritually). My devotion to learning is only exceeded by my powerful commitment to finding harmony with Ultimate Reality -- a harmony that I'm blessed to be steadily growing into.

I'm currently working toward a B.A. in mathematics at Miss. State University, and I received a B.A. in philosophy from that university in 1987. I would love to make a living as either a writer of works pertaining to spirituality/religion, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind, or teach mathematics -- or some of both. These aspirations might seem  unrealistic and far-fetched, but one never achieves much in life without aspirations, goals, dreams, and a vision of what needs accomplishing.

Retirement (as it pertains to me) is hardly in my vocabulary, since I regard myself as only getting into the most productive and fruitful times of my life -- yes, even at my age.